Is it Worth Retweeting?

Worth Reweeting?

Much as I love Twitter, the signal to noise ratio is pretty high. A major source of noise is when multiple people you follow retweet the same item. Worth Retweeting? is a simple Twitter mashup designed to help you avoid excessive retweeting.

The way it works is that you enter your Twitter user name and the user name of the Twitterer you are thinking of retweeting. Worth Retweeting? then shows you what percentage of your followers also follow the other user. The idea is that if you have too high a percentage of common followers there is really no point in retweeting.  The only problem I have is at what percentage of common followers is retweeting a bad idea? If 90% of my followers also follow the other person, retweeting is mainly going to contribute noise but what about 50% or 30%. Where would you draw the line?

Worth Retweeting? was created by Terrence Eden who also built where you can read The Bard’s plays and sonnets on your phone. Source: Ew4n

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One thought on “Is it Worth Retweeting?

  1. Thanks for the review. I was going to include message like “You’ll annoy 20 people and inform 50 people” but, in the end, I decided it was a personal choice. No one but you can tell if the ratio is too high – that’s why I left it as a number.

    Glad you enjoyed it.

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