Carnival of the Mobilists 89

 Duck Game at Marin (CA) County Fair

Welcome to the eighty-ninth edition of the Carnival of the Mobilists, a weekly showcase of the best recent mobile phone related posts from around the blogosphere.

Here in the US it’s Labor Day, a national holiday celebrating workers and the labor movement. It seems fitting that we are taking the day to celebrate the labor of love that mobile bloggers put into their posts every day.

New Products and Technologies: The past week has seen a slew of new product and service announcements. Nokia was responsible for most of the week’s news with a new service platform, a music store and a revival of their mobile gaming business. If you’re wondering what Ovi is all about or why the rebirth of the N-Gage brand, we have posts to that will answer your questions.

  • At m-trends, Rudy De Waele shares his thoughts On Nokia’s Ovi Brand Services. Read Rudy’s thorough and insightful analysis of what Ovi means to Nokia and it’s competitors, partners and users.
  • Martin Sauter at Martin’s Mobile Technology Page looks at what features Ovi is likely to include as well as it’s potentially disruptive effects on the balance of power between operators and hardware vendors. Read: Nokia’s Ovi: Let’s See How The Key Looks Like.
  • At All About N-Gage, Tzer2 tells us all about the Next-Gen N-Gage platform that Nokia announced last week. Read about the games and the handsets they run on. It’s an excellent analysis of Nokia’s gaming strategy and of the platform’s chance for success and is my choice for Post of the Week.
  • Opera Software released a new beta of their amazing Opera Mini Java based mobile web browser. Find out how it performs on an inexpensive prepaid phone in my review.

iPhone: It’s no longer new but two months after the release of the Apple iPhone, interest in the device is still high. It’s a game changing phone and our bloggers have much to analyze.

Business: Are you trying to launch or grow a mobile related business? Here are some posts exploring mobile business models and entrepreneurship.

Society: The societal impacts of mobile technology have been huge and continue to change the way we interact.

That’s all for this week. Next week’s Carnival will be at The Mobile Gadgeteer. If you’d like to participate, submit your entry at To learn more about the Carnival of the Mobilists visit the Mobilists homepage,