MOSH – MObile Content SHaring from Nokia

 MoshNokia has launched a mobile content sharing network called MOSH. There’s a PC site at and the mobile version is at

MOSH is an open network. Anyone can browse the site with a PC or phone and download videos, images, ringtones, games and applications. Registration, which can be done on either the PC or mobile site, is only required to upload. Registered users can organize content into collections, create a profile page and comment on each other’s content. There’s a voting feature where you can indicate your approval or disapproval of any content.

In less than a week the site has signed up over 25,000 users and recorded over a million downloads. MOSH breaks no new ground but it’s well designed and easy to use. Nokia’s marketing power and their ability to put a MOSH bookmark on every phone they sell make this a serious contender.

Tips and help are provided by a blogger named “Russell” who is neither Beattie nor Buckley. In fact Nokia’s looking to hire a new “Russell”.

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