Found on the Mobile Web 25

Found on the Mobile Web is an occasional Wap Review feature listing newly added and updated sites on the mobile portal and WapReview mobile site directory. With these latest additions the directory and portal now list 945 mobile sites.


 Playboy MobilePlayboy ( The home of the centerfold now has a mobile web site. It’s pretty tame with non-nude cheescake photos, jokes, the Playboy Advisor and reviews. The well-designed mobile layout is by Quatro Wireless which also did, covered in a previous FOTMW.

College Humor ( is another site built by Quatro Wireless. It’s aimed at male college students and  features articles, videos and coed pinups

Technology/Tech News

Gadgetell ( is a blog about the latest tech toys and gizmos. Gaggetell uses Alex King’s WordPress Mobile plugin to detect mobile browsers and send them a very usable mobile edition.

Technology/Mobile/News and Reviews

MobHappy ( is one of the first and best blogs on mobile topics. It’s written by mobile technology journalist Carlo Longino and mobile marketeer and Carnival of the Mobilists founder Russell Buckley. MobHappy is one of my favorite blogs and a must read for anyone interested in the field. The mobile edition was created with Andy Moore’s WordPress Mobile Plugin which, like the Alex King plugin, is a great way to create an instant mobile edition of your self-hosted WordPress blog.

Technology/Mobile/Mobile Tech

Ajax Tests ( and Does your mobile browser support Ajax? These demos and tests from mobile development shop PavingWays will help you determine its level of JavaScript and Ajax support.


 High School Musical 2

High School Musical 2 ( is the second in a series of made for TV Disney movies that are both cult classics with the grade school set. If there are preteens in your household and you have an unlimited data plan on their phones, show them and become a hero. The site has star photos, polls, text messages “from” the principal players and a free wallpaper download.

Search/Web-WAP Search ( .mobi domain registrar mTLD has launched a mobile site search engine and direrectory. It seems quite complete and includes good mobile sites regardless of if they are on .mobi domains or not.


Sydney CityRail ( Timetables and service advisories for Sydney Australia’s commuter rail lines – Via Mobilised

Sydney 131500 ( Similar to the above site but for Sydney’s ferry and suburban bus lines.

Brisbane Translink ( Transit trip planner for Brisbane Australia.


NPR ( is National Public Radio. The US public radio network has a new mobile site. It’s a general news site with politics, world, business, health and science news sections as well as music, book and movie reviews and feature stories. Most stories include a small photo. Instead of streaming audio, NPR has a service where you can listen to broadcast clips by calling a special number. I’m sure the carriers prefer you to use voice minutes instead of an unlimited data plan to listen! NPR’s older text-only site at also works well on mobile browsers and does have streaming audio although only in Windows Media format.