Wadja (m.wadja.com) Is a mobile focused social network that has been around for about a year. It’s very mobile centric, there is a desktop version of Wadja but you never really need to go there, everything can be done from the mobile web site.Wadja

Wadja has the usual social networking features of profiles, friends, content (music, video, pictures) sharing and chat. The thing that sets Wadja apart is the ability to send free SMS text messages to any number in the world. Of course the messages are only free if you have an unlimited data plan or send them from your PC. Wadja is based in Greece so sending text messages to numbers in other countries can be a little hit or miss as it depends there being an SMS-interconnect agreement between your carrier and whatever service Wadja is using. I never received any of the messages I sent from Wadja to my Boost phone on the Nextel network for example.

Wadja has a reassuring privacy policy and you do not have to enter your mobile number to sign up. If you do give Wadja your number you can hide it but still allow Wadja friends to send messages to your Wadja ID without revealing the phone actual number to them. Wadja works pretty well although a few screens have 25 or more small images and are too large (over 20 KB) to load on many low end mobiles.

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  1. Theo, thanks for your comment. I’ve updated the post to reflect that you are in Greece rather than the UK, sorry about that.

    Thanks also for offering to look into the connectivity issue, I’ve emailed my ID to you.


  2. Hey Dennis, Great article!

    Just a quick note, we are actually based in Athens, Greece.

    Also it’s unfortunate that the sms did not reach your phone, if you could please email me with your Wadja ID, so I can pinpoint what went wrong. I’d also like to mention that we deliver a ‘delivery report’ into your Wadja Inbox upon successful delivery of an SMS message. Moreover, you can even plug in your POP email account into your Wadja inbox, and receive your email through your phone (whilst leaving a copy of the message on the mail server, so as not to disturb your Email client from finding your emails when you get home).

    And, there is a wml version too. The redirection of wml/xhtml is handled automatically, but just for reference:

    WML: http://m.wadja.com/wml
    XHTML: http://m.wadja.com/xhtml

    Our goal is to support all devices, new or old.

    The Wadja Mobile site is in beta, so we are still ironing out the kinks. We are currently optimizing the speed of the site and the size of the pages. Also, we are in late development of the following, fun (in my opinion), features:

    * Translation in 16 languages
    * Address book (which can be synced with: Outlook, Mobile Phone or even iPod)
    * Make your own mobile site (using feeds // with banner and color customization)
    * IMAP support for email application
    * Profile Wizard

    … and alot of other things, which i cannot disclose since, they are not in late development stages.

    Thanks again,

    (through PC or mobile)

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