Found on the Mobile Web #66

Found on the Mobile Web is a weekly WAP Review feature listing newly added and updated sites on the mobile portal and WapReview mobile site directory. With these latest additions the directory and portal now list 1718 mobile sites.


WaGooh Mobile

WaGooh Web designer and graphic artist Christina Leikam’s beautifily designed site promoting her business. It includes a blog where she shares her thoughts on design and offers tips to help you improve your site. Christina used Mobify to create the mobile view of WaGooh.
Content: **** Usability: XXXX


Victoria’s Secret Browse and shop the Victoria’s Secret catalog of clothing, lingerie and cosmetics or purchase a gift card. Purchasing is by credit card only which requires filling out the typical lengthy form – not very practical using a phone keypad. At least you can save your information for future use.
Content: **** Usability: XXX


FreeDictionary English language dictionary lookup. Results include extensive definitions, part of speech, synonyms and antonyms but no punctuation. Source Oh! Mobile directory
Content: **** Usability: XXXX

AngusReid Global Monitor Mobile

Angus-Reid Angus-Reid is a public opinion research company specializing in politics, public opinion and policy. This site is the mobile version of the company’s Global Monitor website which tracks elections around the world and publishes results and analyses of the latest Angus-Reid polls as a resource for journalists, students, policy makers, and citizens. Mobile view is by Mobify.
Content: **** Usability: XXXX

Travel-Transit/Destination Guides

Dumfries and Galloway Guide to Dumfries and Galloway, Scotland. Lists attactions, lodging and restaurants with click to call numbers but curiously, no street addresses. SourceOh Mobile Directory
Content: **** Usability: XXXX

Business/Quotes & Trading

Bloomberg Recently redesigned mobile site has U.S., Asian and European market news, a world index page covering 20 international  and domestic markets, quotes with company snapshot and 12 month chart and a nice portfolio view which is synchronized with the Bloomberg desktop site. Bloomberg also has a a free app for iPhone, S60, Windows Mobile and Blackberry which can be downloaded from
**** Usability: XXXX

Technology/Mobile/News – Reviews

Black Phoebe Mobile

Black Phoebe :: Ms. Jen L.A. based web and mobile designer/developer Jenifer Hanen’s blog covering design, the web, mobile and photography. I love this rant of hers about sites that force mobile users to a dumbed down mobile version with no way to get to the full site.
Content: **** Usability: XXXX


Spel If your phone supports Flash Lite (most Nokias and Sony Ericssons do), Spel has a bunch of free Flash Lite games for you to download. Source: Oh! Mobile Directory
Content: *** Usability: XXXX


Linux and Open Source ZDNet’s blog covering the world of open source . It has industry news, opnions and reviews of OSs, distros and software. The mobile site is based on Alex King’s WordPress Mobile Edition Plugin.
Content: **** Usability: XXXX

Entertainment/Mobile Video-Audio

Pocket TV

Pocket TV Sony Ericsson has launched this mobile video site featuring five new free music and comedy videos each week. You can also enter a music trivia contest to win a Sony Ericsson W995 Walkman phone with 8 MP camera. There’s a new contest and winner each week. Source:
Content: **** Usability: XXXX


Hotel News Resource Mobile edition of a trade magazine covering the lodging industry worldwide. Source:
Content: *** Usability: XXXX


AllHipHop Slick new mobile version of, the leading web destination for HipHop music fans. The mobile site has news, rumors, interviews, editorials and feature articles covering the world of hiphop. There are videos too but they are embedded Flash content and do not work on any mobile phone I’ve tried.
Content: *** Usability: XXX

Business/Banking and Payments

Discover Card Discover’s mobile site lets card holders make payments, view recent transactions, view recent and pending payments, view rewards activity and enroll in 5% Cashback Bonus program
Content: **** Usability: XXXX

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  1. The start of the rise and rise of mobile web graphic design.

    e.g. freelancers starting to use mobile sites as portfolios

    – and no harm done by Mobify, in that respect, for now.

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