The Latest Carnival of the Mobilists


Over at A Consuming Experience, Improbulus has just published this week’s Carnival of the Mobilists, the weekly showcase of blog posts on mobile topics. This Carnival is full of event coverage. It’s a good chance to catch up with all those conferences that you didn’t have the time or budget to attend personally. There’s Mobile Monday Amsterdam, Future in Review and Mobile Design UK coverage and a preview of the upcomming Mobile 2.0 Europe.

Carnival 177 has a lot more including a look at the backwardness of the U.S. mobile scene and the latest take on Sony Ericsson, Nokia, Ovi, Symbian, advertising, location, search, user experience and more. And thank you Improbulus, for including my piece on the shutdown of Avantgo.

Have a a look at Carnival of the Mobilists 177, I think you will like it.