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Found on the Mobile Web is an occasional WAP Review feature listing newly added and updated sites on the mobile portal and WapReview mobile site directory. With these latest additions the directory and portal now list 990 mobile sites.



WNBA ( The Women’s National Basketball Association’s mobile site. The site offers scores, news, statistics, photos and schedules from the professional hoops league.


FindNearYou ( Local search for India. This is a new service combining local search, localized event listings and flight schedules for Indian domestic airlines. Currently in Beta and with listings only for Chennai, FindNearYou is slated to go live with coverage of all of India in January.


Esato ( One of the oldest and most popular online forums for mobile geeks, Esato has upgraded their mobile site. The forums have been supplemented with a database of device specifications and a news section.

Technology/Mobile/News – Reviews

Tripleodeon ( ) is James Pearce’s blog. James is CTO at dotMobi and writes about mobile development and industry trends. The blog’s mobile edition was created using fellow DotMobilist Ruadhan O’Donoghue’s WordPress with WURFL plugin.

Technology/Mobile/Downloads ( Free classical, novelty and folk mp3 ringtones. No registration is required for this site, you can download without revealing your mobile number so no worries about premium SMS charges – and they have the theme from the Monty Python Show!



MetaJam ( Nice mobile interface into the IMDb’s ( treasure trove of information about movies, actors and directors. Easier to use than the official IMDb mobile site, MetaJam was James Pearce’s entry to an internal dotMobi site building contest, see all the entries at Tripleodeon.


eTrade ( Discount stock broker Etrade has enhanced their mobile site for customers with a portfolio view, online trading and real time quotes. Other features available to customers and non-customers alike are detailed quotes with company news, market summary and a branch locater.


Spin ( Spin Magazine’s mobile site. Spin is an entertainment news and gossip monthly. The mobile site carries the text of selected articles from current and past issues. Spin Mobile is part of the ATT portal but can be accessed from any provider, although non-ATT customers won’t be able to purchase and download the ring tones and wallpapers sold on the site.


WY Metro ( West Yorkshire (England) Metro’s real time bus arrival service. They are using a system similar to Barcelona’s (review) where you key in the bus route number and a stop number which is posted at every bus stop. The system, which tracks buses using GPS, displays when the next bus will arrive at your stop.


Barcle ( Enter a UPC code or product name to find the lowest price on the web. This site is good for price comparisons but not very useful for actually buying anything. Many items have prices but no way to make a purchase and when there is a “Buy Now” link it often goes to a non-mobile site!


MobiYogi ( Another dotMobi contest site. MobiYogi offers simple Yoga exercises to counteract the effects of long hours spent staring at a computer or cellphone screen.

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  1. hi

    I found a very cool site. It has awesome info on chennai. The only drawback i saw was that the maps on the mobile screen is not to easy to navigate.

    But keep the good work up

  2. is great new site. Easy to use, free and does not ask you for
    any personal information. It is designed to be used on web enabled mobile telephones while in-store to search the web for competitive online pricing.
    This empowering tool allows the instore shopper to see competitive pricing
    and to have an important resource to help them shop intelligently.

    Because of the innovative nature of mobile web technology in North America,
    many of the partners have yet to set up sites specifically for mobile applacation but nevertheless the sites are useable on any PDA. Most of the 900++ partners
    are planning mobile friendly sites in the short term future so this issue will be attended to.

    Barcle is easy to use and arrived just in time to hopefully make the holiday
    season a more enjoyable one for many families. A number of Barcle
    sites are set to open internationally in 2008.

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