The Carnival is here!

Wap Review is honored to be hosting this weeks Carnival of the Mobilists.  Carnival Masks The idea of the Carnival is to expose a variety of the best writing on mobility in one place. It is held at a different blog each week and is open to anyone who has something to say about mobile phones; technology, industry, marketing, user interface design, effects on society and individuals or anything else – as long as it has some relevance to mobiles. The host gets to select and feature his or her favorite posts. So here’s this week’s Carnival.

Debbie Jones at Mobile Jones has submitted a very interesting article on Human Factors Engineering as it applies to mobile interfaces. Debbie speaks from experience and argues that one must take a systems approach considering man, machine, system and environment. Read how and why in, Usability v. Human Factors in Complex Mobile Systems.

Troy Norcross writes a blog called Mobile Marketing & SPAM which is all about successful marketing that is not SPAM. His latest piece uses the theater as a metaphor to illustrate how to do mobile marketing that works rather than annoys. Read: Mobile Marketers – Take your cue from the theatre

The VanGorilla, The Pondering Primate, is a blogger who is constantly discovering and sharing ideas for new mobile apps and services. He’s trying to sell his latest to the service providers – or is he? Take a look at If I Was A Service Provider – which is my pick for the best post of the week.

Russell Buckley and Carlo Longino, blog at MobHappy. This week Carlo presents to the Carnival a great item on mobile music and ringtones and why those who see one as the extension of the other are missing the point. Read, Ringtones Are Not Mobile Music, and Vice Versa

C. Enrique Ortiz in his Mobility Weblog offers a look at the many new Java ME APIs in the latest Nokia S60 handsets. Series 60, as S60 used to be called, has always been my favorite Smartphone platform. It good to see that Nokia has chosen to support standards rather than proprietary extensions. Get the details in, Nokia S60 Platform – A JTWI Platform on Steroids

In Smart Mobs Judy Breck reports on a thought provoking and potentially controversial article from Developments – The International Development Magazine that suggests that mobile phones are a ticket out of poverty in the developing world. See, Mobile phone as lifter from poverty.

Daniel Taylor is back with the best analysis I’ve seen of the RIM v. NTP impasse in his Mobile Enterprise Weblog. Daniel really gets into what the corporate decision makers are going though and what the real risks to RIM’s future are. A must read: Contemplating Life Without BlackBerry

Finally, from yours truly, my take on what the organizations behind the three most visited Web domains – Yahoo, Google and MSN – have been doing in the mobile area; The Web’s Big 3 Do Mobile.

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