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Found on the Mobile Web is an occasional WAP Review feature listing newly added and updated sites on the mobile portal and WapReview mobile site directory. With these latest additions the directory and portal now list 1002 mobile sites.


Flavorpill Flavorpill ( New mobile social platform provider Buzzd has joined with established youth oriented online events calendar Flavorpill to create Flavorpill Mobile. The site is a mobile calendar of events like art openings, live music and comedy in New York, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Chicago and Miami. You can use Flavorpill Mobile as a local events search, without the need to  register. But Flavorpill is more than that, there’s  also a Twitter-like “buzz-it” feature. The way it works is that users text mini-reviews and comments about an event to Flavorpill and the message is relayed to their network of Flavorpill friends. Use the PC site at to sign up.


wapSwap ( A new mobile portal. I was able to  find links to a number of good sites that were new to me on wapSwap. Other features includes free SMS sending (using TeleFlip) and personalized My wapSwap homepages.


Tiger Woods ( Tiger Woods has a mobile site. Follow the world’s best golfer with the latest golf news, schedules, scorecards and photos. – via wapSwap.


Drudge Report Drudge Report ( Matt Drudge’s news site now has a mobile edition, Drudge is credited with many scoops, including being the first to report former president Clinton’s affair with Monica Lewinsky. The Drudge PC site contains headlines, news photos and short comments followed by links to full stories on mostly mainstream news sites. The mobile version is the same except that images aren’t displayed on the front page, you have to click a link to see each image. When you follow a link that goes to an external news story your are warned that it’s not optimized for mobile and given the option to email the link or follow it.

There is another mobile version ( of the Drudge Report, which was launched in 2004 by Jon Gales. It uses screen scraping to grab and reformat the text and links of the PC site into something more mobile friendly. The new official site has much smaller pages and is better suited for mainstream mobiles.


BerryReview ( is a blog covering the RIM Blackberry. Lots of BB software and theme reviews. Uses Alex King’s WordPress Mobile plugin.


Geocast TV ( has nothing but travel videos, dozens of them covering all parts of the world. The videos are downloadable 176×144 .3gp files.


BloggingBuyouts BloggingBuyouts ( A Weblog’s Inc. blog, specializing in the little understood area of private equity investing. PEI involves well heeled investors. either individually or allied into limited partnerships doing deals  to provide seed money to startups in return for equity, or to buy out companies, typically ones whose stock price has dropped low enough to make them attractive takeover targets.

The Weblogs Inc. sites all use the same mobile template. which I covered in detail in my Engadget Mobile Review. It’s a typical mobile blog design with a front page of headline links each leading to a post. The posts aren’t paginated and include full size images from the PC versions of the blog. This was a problem with Engadget which uses lots of big images and occasionally has very long posts. Some Engadgeet Mobile pages exceed 300 KB, too large to display on most phones. BloggingBuyouts tends to have relatively short posts and very few images so the lack of pagination isn’t a problem even on the most humble of browsers.

BloggingStocks ( is BloggingBuyout’s sister site covering general financial news .

Entertainment/Life Style

Bionic Beauty Blog ( reviews beauty products and gives grooming advice. The mobile edition uses Alex King’s WordPress Plugin.

Brian’s Belly ( A beer lovers blog with beer ratings recipes, jokes and weird news stories about food and drink. – via wapSwap.

Luxist ( A Weblogs Inc blog about luxury living with regular features like the “Estate of the Day” and posts on gold plated mobile phones and $1200 a bottle single malt Scotch. Large images on this site might be a problem on low end phones but if you read Luxist would you have a low end phone?

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