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Califorian Department of Education Mobile

I just found a link to the California Department of Education’s mobile side over at the Oh! Mobile Directory. I had no idea the CDE had a mobile site, most state agencies barely have a Web site let alone a mobile one. The Education Dept site offers a searchable directory of public and private schools, school district and CDE offices. Directory listings include address, phone numbers (not click to call, unfortunately) and a link to a mobile Google Map. I can see this being used by substitute teachers to find their assignments and by anyone who does business with schools.

There’s also a CDE employee directory, agendas of upcoming state Board of Education meetings and education news.

It’s a shame that the news about education in California these days is so dismal. The state’s once great school system is being systematically destroyed by one funding cut after another so that the politicians can claim to have not increased taxes.

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2 thoughts on “Mobile Site Offers California Education News and School Search

  1. Omar,

    The U.S. ranks 37th in the world on educational spending as a percentage of GDP

    Among the 50 U.S. states, California ranks 46th in per/pupil spending according to a report by EducationWeek ( -subscription required).

    Not sure what you mean by “schollæ” Scholarships? Education through 12th grade is free, higher education is not and privately funded scholarships are available.

  2. How do you go education in relation with the rest world and do you offer schollæ?

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