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Globrix is a mobile Web service that claims “…to allow users to search nearly every property for sale or to rent in the UK.” I don’t know about that but it does have a lot of listings, 20,000 in London alone. The site’s advanced search lets you filter by minimum and maximum price, number of bedrooms, “freshness” of the listing, type of unit (house, flat or apartment) and radius from a town or neighborhood center.

Listings include the price, general location, a photo, brief description, the name of the listing agent and a Google map showing the property’s approximate location. To get further details like the street address and agent’s phone number you have to click through to the listing agent’s own site, which is often not formatted for mobiles . A more usable design would put the property’s street address and agent’s click to call number right on the mobile listing page

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  1. Thanks for the review.

    We have just made a number of changes to our mobile site, and some optimisations specific to the Iphone.



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