Found on the Mobile Web #31

Found on the Mobile Web is an occasional WAP Review feature listing newly added and updated sites on the mobile portal and WapReview mobile site directory. With these latest additions the directory and portal now list 1015 mobile sites.

Sports Mobile ( – a new mobile soccer site with frequently updated football news (about 50 posts a day), standings and live scores. It’s published in 15 different languages.


GTwap ( is an extensive calendar of upcoming autoracing events around the world. The site also has a few free vintage racing wallpapers for download in various sizes. Via wapSwap.


VivaSelecta ( A collection of free ringtone downloads including sound effects, animal noises, funny sayings, TV show and computer game themes and lots of rock, rap and r&b. The search by artist and download by numeric code features are broken, use the “browse by category” link to find ring tones which are in polyphonic (mdi) and truetone (MP3) formats.


Rebtel ( offers cheap and free international calls between 39 countries using any phone. There are two plans. The first as a free plan similar to Talkster (review) in which the called party calls you back while you stay on the line. Unlike Talkster, which plays a 10 second audio ad before your call connects, Rebtel is ad free. The other Rebtel plan is more like JaJah, you pay a few cents per minute but the call connects directlly without the need for a callback.


PayPal Mobile PayPal ( Not new but I realized I didn’t have PayPal Mobile in the WapReview directory, now I do. This is the Paypal mobile account management site which lets you view your balance, change your pin and send money to an email address or mobile phone number. Paypal seems to be the best of the widely supported systems for off portal mobile payments thanks to it’s huge number of users and all numeric login using your phone number along with a PIN that you choose.


Mark Squires’ Wine Tasting Notes ( Latest reviews from well regarded wine writer Mark Squires are updated weekly and include detailed evaluations and point ratings of wines in all price ranges from around the world. – Via wapSwap

Wine Weekly ( Wine reviews and opinion in blog format. The mobile edition uses Andy Moore’s WordPress plugin – Via wapSwap

SMS Text News ( Self described “mobile fanatic” Ewan MacLeod’s long running, extremely popular and always fascinating blog focuses on mobile carriers and industry news but covers just about everything mobile related along the way. I know “mobile carriers and industry news” sounds boring but SMS Text News is anything but. Ewan doesn’t  parrot vendor news releases like so many industry themed sites, he wittily cuts through the crap to point out smart and dumb business moves and what they mean for us ordinary mobile users. SMS Text News is another WordPress blog  that uses Andy Moore’s plugin to create the mobile version.

Search/Local/City Guides ( Another winner from dotMobi’s internal mobile site building competition, Ronan Cremin’s tjamm is the ultimate mobile commuting guide – as long as your commute is in Dublin. The site includes a traffic map, live audio and SMS traffic alerts, real time commuter rail arrivals, schedules and route maps for all Dublin bus lines and a weather forecast for the next 2 days. Very cool, every city should have a tjamm.

Grubz ( The newest mobile site from MobiSolv, the company behind (movie listings) and (shopping coupons). Grubz is a dining out and nightlife guide for Delhi, India with listings of restaurants, lounges and cafes.  Listings are  searchable by keyword and or cuisine.