mKhoj Is Now InMobi – Mobile Ad Biz Booming

InMobi and mKhoj Logos

WapReview advertiser mKhoj has re-branded itself as InMobi (press release).  The name change coincides with the firm’s entry into the European mobile ad market.  As mKhoj, the Bangalore based mobile advertising network had focused primarily on Asia and Africa.

The mobile web advertising business is certainly ramping up.  More and more companies, both traditional web advertising networks and start-ups like InMobi, are entering the market. Some analysts might argue that the field is getting too crowded and that a shakeout is inevitable.

But to me, the new entrants in the field confirm my belief that there are still big opportunities in mobile for publishers, advertisers and intermediaries like InMobi.  That should be no surprise to anyone who has been following mobile statistics of late.  Just one of many examples is a recent Nielsen report that U.K. web usage is growing eight times faster on mobiles than on PCs.  So while competition in the mobile advertising space is increasing, so is the pool of advertisers and publishers.  With the current rapid growth in mobile web services and traffic I think that there are still plenty of opportunities for  new entrants in the global mobile advertising space like InMobi.

Based on my own experience, advertising on mobile sites is more effective than PC based web advertising.  Ads on the mobile version of WapReview have a considerably higher click through rate and earn almost twice as much per page view than similar pay per click ads on the PC WapReview site! As advertisers discover how effective mobile web advertising is, their spending  on mobile campaigns is bound to rise dramatically, driving even more growth.  All in all it looks like a bright future for mobile advertisers, publishers and the ad networks that connect them.