Found on the Mobile Web #34

Found on the Mobile Web is an occasional WAP Review feature listing newly added and updated sites on the mobile portal and WapReview mobile site directory. With these latest additions the directory and portal now list 1053 mobile sites.


Bio. - Audrey Hepburn Bio. ( The mobile site of cable TV’s The Biography Channel. You can definitely kill some time on this site which features well-written, in-dept bios of what Biography calls the “Top 100 Biography Subjects” in various categories like Actors, Royalty, Military Figures, Musicians, Inventors and Athletes. Each bio averages a dozen mobile screenfulls so there’s a lot of content here.

The History Channel ( has a mobile site listing tonight’s lineup of shows with a description of the evening’s episode, a “This Day in History” blurb and several feature articles on historical topics.

A&E ( Cable TV network A&E’s mobile site carries brief summaries of tonight’s shows and longer pieces promoting recently launched shows, currently Parking Wars, Paranormal State and Intervention. There is also a selection of polls where users vote on such burning issues as whether Gene Simmons and Shannon Tweed should get married.


Instapaper ( is a new bookmarking service that aims to be usable on both the PC and mobile using the same spare site design for both. The idea is that you send web pages to Instapaper using a “Read Later” bookmarklet on the PC and visit them at your leisure with either a mobile or PC browser. Instapaper keeps track of which ones you haven’t read yet and lists them first. As Russell Beattie points out, if you bookmark full-web sites with Instapaper they won’t be usable in most mobile browsers. Russ recommends that you view Instapaper, and your bookmarks, through his transcoder, Mowser.


The CLUB Homepage The CLUB ( My taste in music doesn’t run to HipHop, but if yours does you’ll enjoy this site which features a dozen full length music videos from the likes of Little Wayne, Birdman, Soulja Boy, Sean Kingston and Nelly in streaming 176×144 H.263 format.

Moshtix Mobile ( Australians can now search concert and club dates on the mobile web with Moshtix which is part of Rupert Murdoch’s News Ltd. empire. Users who have registered a credit card with Moshtix on the web can purchase tickets using the mobile site. From Mobilised.


DOPPLR Mobile ( The social network for frequent travelers now has a mobile site. Dopplr lets you share itineraries with friends and alerts you when you and your friends are in or near the same city.


CNBC Mobile ( There’s doesn’t seem to be a direct mobile URL but if you visit NBC’s Business News site, with most mobile browsers you’ll be redirected to a mobile version, offering stock quotes and business news. There’s also a SMS alert service that you can sign up for to receive daily text messages listing the topics that will be discussed on CNBC’s TV shows Mad Money, Fast Money and Power Lunch.



Big Art Mob ( is an effort to catalog all public art in the UK. The mobile implementation is by, a mobloging platform that prides itself on working on an phone, or as major domo Alfie says “Renders great even on crappy handsets!” From: SMS Text News

Technology/Mobile/Mobile Social

Pownce ( is the new microblogging service from Kevin Rose. Pownce lets you share your text notes, links, files and invites in the form of a public or private feed. Pownce feeds can be read using any RSS reader, Pownce’s web site, the Pownce desktop application (created with the Adobe Air platform) and now on the mobile web.