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This Kiwi Collection has nothing to do with New Zealand. It’s a Vancouver based online guide to guide to luxury hotels around the world. Room rates at listed establishments run from a few hundred to several thousand dollars a night. I’m more of a budget travel myself but some of these places do look very nice indeed.

The mobile web version of the Kiwi Collection offers searchable listings which include descriptions, reviews, photos, click to call phone numbers and a list of awards and recognitions received by each hotel. An advanced search form lets you filter results by interest (honeymoon, adventure, golf, etc.), setting (beach, mountain, city…), style (historical, “camp”, western…) and property type (castle, chateau, ranch, etc.). Unfortunately, my search for a campy, mountain, golf castle did not return any results.

The Kiwi Collection’s desktop site lets you check availability and book online using a credit card. The mobile site’s booking options are limited to a form for emailing a reservation request or inquiry to the hotels you are interested in. I can see forgoing online booking on the mobile site but it would be nice to be able to check availability before contacting a hotel. Source:

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