Delivr’s Impressive New Analytics Features, a mobile aware URL sharing and shortening service and micro-blogging platform, has just released a major upgrade. Registered Deliver users can now see comprehensive and visually exciting analytics showing how, where and when their Delivr shares have been viewed. To see it in action:

  • Visit, log in and click “Dashboard” link
  • Click the graph icon to the right of a share that’s received some views to see  the percentage of  mobile vs desktop views and the number of  QR code scans.
  • Pull down the “All time” drop-down on the right and pick a day that has some views to see a graph of vists by time of day and a  display of visitor locations on a world map.

Below the map is a list of visits with a “details” link that shows user agent and referrer information and a  “zoom” link to fly into the users location on the map.

This is definitely one of the best looking and fun analytics interfaces I’ve seen. Click on the image below for a larger version.

Delivr Report Screen

I use Delivr daily, mainly as a mobile aware url shortening and link sharing service. Every link I post to Twitter, Facebook, Jaiku or is a Delivr link. I use it mainly to shorten URLs, essential for making the most of 140 characters.

Of course, there are  lots of URL shortening services ranging from the venerable to current Twitter darling, but several things set Delivr apart.  First,  it’s designed to work equally well for mobile and desktop users who click on a Delivr link. Mobile users are detected and given a choice of viewing the target site’s desktop or mobile version, if one exists.  It the target has no mobile formatted version, Delivr gives the user the option of seeing the page transcoded by Google’s.

There are other mobile aware link shortening services like but Delivr does more than any of them.  On the landing page that mobile visitors to a Delivr URL see there are options to translate the target page, Tweet the link, Share it on Delicious, Email it, SMS it to a US number or create a QR code. Desktop users have additional options to share the link on MySpace, Facebook, Furl, Google Bookmarks, Digg, Reddit,  Jaiku or Plaxo and to create a printable flyer with a screenshot, URL and QR Code.

The real power of Delivr isn’t exposed until you create a free account at  Registered users get a public profile page showing a timeline of every Delivr they’ve created.  There’s even a mini-social network in Delivr where you  can “follow” other  users to add their shares to your timeline. There’s more to Deliver than I can cover here including an API, additional analytics options, profile and landing page customization, integration with your own domain and the ability to export your short URLs.  Sign up for an account, it’s free of course, and explore.

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