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CellStories Mobile short Stories

CellStories is a new mobile service offering a different short story every day. The stories, which average 1500 to 2000 words or about a 10 minute read, are free. They supplied by budding or established authors looking to increase their exposure. CellStories doesn’t pay for content but will link back to the author’s (hopefully mobile optimized) site or Amazon.com or other bookstore sales page.

The design of CellStories is attractive but functional. I particularly like that the site opens directly on today’s story. There are no menus or other navigational elements to get in the way.

I enjoyed today’s story, a ghostly tale by John H. Mathews. Hopefully, CellStories will be able to find a steady stream of good short fiction as it is the quality of writing that will keep users coming back.

The site is optimized for the iPhone and other Webkit based mobile browsers but it also works perfectly in Opera Mini aside from a cosmetic issue of text overlapped and images in the page title. Of course, there is really no reason why a site like this which is mainly text shouldn’t work on every phone.

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Ratings: Content ****_ Usability XXX__

Ready.mobi Score: 2 “Bad”

Mobile Link: cellstories.net