Opera Mini 5-7 Tips and Tricks

Although this post was originally written for Opera Mini5, all these tips apply to latter versions, including Opera 7.o.

I've learned a few tricks for making the most of Opera Mini. Some I discovered on my own and others I found on the web.

  • On non-touch devices you probably want to turn off inline editing. It's triple-tap only and on the N95 that means a dozen or more presses of the "1" key to enter common symbols like "@"," !", "=" or "; ". Others, including "<" and ">" aren't available at all. To toggle in-line editing go to Menu > Settings > Advanced > Inline Editing > Off . This will enable Opera Mini 4.2 style text entry using the phone's native text editor with full symbol and T9 support.
  • On touch devices there is no menu option to go to the Start Page where the speed dials are. The only way to get to the Start Page on touch only phones is by opening a new tab.
  • Opera Mini has an equivalent to the Windows right-click. It's accomplished by a long press on the screen on touch phones. On non touch phones either press the "1" key or do a long press on the center Dpad button. The result is a "context" menu (image below right) with options specific to the screen object that has focus. Here are some examples of what you can do with the context menu.

On a Speed Dial button choose "Assign" or "Edit" from the context menu to edit the button's URL.

Anywhere on the screen to select text for copying

On a link or Speed Dial to open it in a new tab

On an image to zoom it or open it for saving with the phone's OS browser

Opera Mini 5 Copying Text

  • Here's a great tip from Opera's Haavard. You CAN copy web page text to other applications if your phone supports cutting and pasting from text edit fields (all Nokia Symbian phones and most Sony Ericssons do) Here's how:
    • Disable inline editing from the Setting menu
    • Copy some text using the context menu
    • Press the left soft key (labeled "Use") and choose "Search With"  from the menu (image above).
    • Press the center button and "Edit" the search field
    • Copy the text into the system clipboard using the phone OS's copy function.  For example, on the Nokia N95 you hold the "pencil" key, select the text using the Dpad and then press the right softkey (labeled "Copy"  (image below).

Opera Mini 5 Pasting Text

  • Opera Mini 4.2's built-in RSS reader isn't officially supported yet in Opera Mini 5 yet but you can still get to it by entering the URL,  feed:list
  • Get familiar with Opera Mini's Settings menu.  That's where you can toggle images and change image quality, enable fit  to width Mobile View, toggle full screen and landscape modes, change the font size or clear saved passwords, cookies and history. Click on Advanced in Settings to toggle inline editing, hide the navigation bar on touch devices and change the saved pages folder on some platforms.
  • Non-touch users, don't forget Opera Mini's one and two-key shortcuts. I've listed them below  and there's also an incomplete  list of them in the Help Menu.

1 – Context Menu
2 – Scroll Up
4 – Scroll Left
5 – Zoom
6 – Scroll Right
8 – Scroll Down
# then 1 Enter URL
# then 2 - Search the Web
# then 3 - Find in Page
# then 4 - Start Page
# then 5 - Bookmarks
# then 6 - History
# then 8 - Settings
# then 9 - Saved Pages
# then # - Forward
* then 1-9 - Launch Speed Dial URLs 1-9
* then 0 - Reload Page
* then # - Toggle Landscape
* then * - Toggle Full Screen
* then Up - Open a new tab
* then Down - Close current tab
* then Right - Next tab
* then Left - Previous tab

As I mentioned, I found many of these tips on the web. Thanks especailly to Haavard, Gerry Moth and juliankreuz for finding and sharing their tips.

338 thoughts on “Opera Mini 5-7 Tips and Tricks

  1. Opera mini 7.1 is installed in my phone memory in nokia n70 s60v2 mobile. I was unable to change the saved pages location from phone memory to memory card. There is no option for changing the save pages location in settings in opera mini 7.1 but the previous versions had.
    please enlighten me how to change the saved pages location from phone memory to memory card. Thank you.
    • The Java version of Opera Mini will work on Symbian phones and lets you change the saved pages folder. The Symbian version doesn't and I don't think it ever did. Either use the Java version or install the Symbian version on the memory card.
  2. how many pages can be saved in opera mini? i have nokia 2700 mobile?when i save more pages it automatically deletes all pages ? what is limit for saved pages i have kept saved pages folder in memory card ? plz help
    • There's no set limit. You should be able to save as many pages as will fit on the memory card. If Opera Mini is deleting saved pages when you save a new one it's a bug. You could try filing a bug report at https://mini.bugs.opera.com/ although Opera appears to have lost interest in fixing Opera Mini bugs.
    • I haven't tried this myself but a user posted the following method for moving saved pages from one Opera Mini installation to another on the MyOpera Opera Mini forum several years ago. The original forum post seems to have disappeared so I can't link to it:
      1. Install the same version of Opera Mini (not Opera Mobile) and save a new page in Opera Mini
      2. Locate the Saved Pages folder that Opera created
      3. Note down or copy the filename of the saved page.
      4. Go into the folder where your old saved pages are and rename one of the files to the name you just copied.
      5. Move the old file with the new name into Opera Mini's Saved Pages folder. You'll get a message informing you that a file with that name already exists, and it'll ask if you'd like to replace it.
      Select Yes.
      Opera Mini should now read that file and be able to open it.
      You'll have to do that for each saved page.

      This solution is for the Symbian version of Opera Mini 6 but I suspect it still works for the current versions on other platforms that let you manipulate files on the device (Symbian, Android some Java but not iOS)
  3. .jar or .jad type file is not download with opera mini 7 .
    how i download it.
    solve it as soon as possible!
    if you genious expert?
    send me answer to link below-
    [email removed]
    • Jad or jar are apps. Opera Mini will install them if they are compatible with your phone rather than download them which is what most people want.
      If you really want to download jad and jar either use UC Browser or if you control the server where the files are hosted rename them to .txt or .zip.

      Tip: To protect your email account from SPAM, never post your email address in blog comments. Check the "Notify me of followup comments via e-mail" box on the comment form to get replies mailed to you automatically.
    • That happens when the phone doesn't have enough memory to hold the contents of all the tabs in memory. To reduce the chance of it happening, don't open as many tabs (even 2 tabs is too much on some phones), use low image quality or the no image setting, use single column mode. If your phone supports multitasking close background apps.
  4. Mr. Dennis, what's the fastest web browser, especially when using the data connection, and is there any tricks to have data without losing any salary in any network on the world.

    thanx for your replying on all people.
    and I hope you reply at mine.
    • That depends.

      Fastest on a slow network would be a proxy browser like Opera Mini, UC Browser or Nokia Express

      With a fast network connection, the phone's built in browser would likely be fastest, especially if it's iOS Safari or Chrome for Android.

      I don't know any free browsing tricks.
  5. But Mr. Dennis Bournique:
    even if I moved the main program data, it still doesn't move the cache and saved pages to the External memory(SD Card), and I already know about the UC browser but can any opera version do what it does.

    and deep thanx to you for your reply, and I just hope you reply for this too.

    note, excuse me if there is any mistake in my words 'cus I'm Arabic not American.
    • Move to SD Card or Move to Media Area is the only way to move parts of an app out of internal memory. How much or little it moves depends on the app's design and can't be changed by the user.

      On my phone when Opera Mini is in Phone Memory it consumes a total of 3.51 MB (1.69 MP for the app and 1.82 MB for its data). Moving it to the Media Area reduces that to 2.25 MB (428 kB app and 1.83 MB data) a savings of 1.26 MB. Compared with most Android apps, 2.25 MB, or even 3.51 MB is pretty small. You can gain much more by space by deleting unneeded apps and moving all apps that allow themselves to be moved to the SD Card.

      Opera Classic and Opera Browser should support downloading files of any size but they are big apps. If you are trying to save space stick with the Android Browser for downloading.

      BTW, Your English is excellent and perfectly understandable.
  6. I'm using Opera 7.5.32193 on Android platform
    and I have several problems I really wanna fix them:
    1:how to change the cache and saved pages to the SD card,'cus I save lots of web pages and my internal memory is very low(180 Mega)

    2:when I'm having internet connection through the data connection, opera download approximately 1-2 Megas and then turning off the download.

    any answer for my problems will be appreciated.
    • Most Android phones allow you to move Opera Mini and its data to the media area (internal SD) or SD card. Go to Settings > Applications > Manage Applications > Opera Mini > Move to Media Area or Move to Memory Card.

      The download problem occurs with Opera Mini on some mobile providers. The only solution is to use a different browser like the Android Browser, Opera Mobile or UC Browsr.
  7. i cant open operamini-5.1.its loading and loading. my phone is Nokia X2-01.
    please suggest me early how can i reopen this opera mini
    • If Opera Mini 5.1 used to work, uninstalling and reinstalling it should get it working. Also 5.1 is really old, I recommend using the latest Opera Mini version, currently 7.1.
  8. I can not use short cut keys in opera 7.1 in nokia x2 01 . Opera 4.4 is available with short cut. What can i do admin plz suggest me.
  9. i have opera 6.5 installed on my sd card.i use htc explorer and want to know where it saves the web page. please help
  10. i have opera 6.5 installed on my sd card.i use htc explorer and want to know where it saves the web page. please help.
    • The saved pages are in a proprietary format that can only be read by the same version of Opera Mini on the same platform so even if you find them there's not much you can do with them.

      The location of saved pages is platform and device dependent. What platform (Java, Android, or Windows Mobile) and what model HTC phone are you using?
  11. for J2ME and java phones, try an app called BlueFTP, on the site http://www.medieval.it, it lets you use your phone like a computer, as well as transfer files to and from your device, I've been using it for a year now and i haven't seen anything better. one of the best things though is that you can see files that your phone wont show, and with themes, you can take, lets say, the wallpaper out and put it in your images file! Trust me, you wont be disappointed
  12. Hi, I am agree with you and also would like to add that how could i see youtube video from mobile with this opera mini browser.
  13. Hi opera mini does not support d downloading .y so other than operamini 4.2 any other browser which can support d browsing and downloading plz post me
    • Opera Mini certainly does support downloading. If it's not working for you, install a signed version. If that doesn't help your phone probably doesn't support 3rd party apps writing to the file system
  14. opera saves the saved pages in internal memory of your device. At first even i was baffled as i thought the app was getting bigger as it saved more pages ( its almost about 1 mb on my nokia x2). But if you go to ur device's images folder(opera sets it as default) ,even when its empty; the OS shows some of the memory used up by the apparently EMPTY folder....for 4 medium sized pages, it uses about 60 kb. So if u want to get that memory back, you'll have to either change the saved pages folder, or delete the saved pages from opera.
  15. I mean how access the folder on which the operamini 6 saves its savepage, I know how to access the save page from operamini 6, but i dont know on memcard where is saves it
    • The location of Opera mini saved pages is undocumented and thus likely to vary between platforms and Opera Mini versions.

      On my Nokia N8 I found some in e:\system\apps\OperaMini\savedpages\ but I don't now if they were created by my current Opera Mini 6.1 or by an older version of Opera Mini.

      Opera Mini saved pages are in a proprietary binary format that varies between different versions of Opera Mini. The only app that can read them is the same version of Opera Mini that created them.

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