Opera Mini 5-7 Tips and Tricks

Although this post was originally written for Opera Mini 5, all these tips apply to latter versions, including Opera 8.0.

I’ve learned a few tricks for making the most of Opera Mini. Some I discovered on my own and others I found on the web.

  • On non-touch devices you probably want to turn off inline editing. It’s triple-tap only and on the N95 that means a dozen or more presses of the “1” key to enter common symbols like “@”,” !”, “=” or “; “. Others, including “<” and “>” aren’t available at all. To toggle in-line editing go to Menu > Settings > Advanced > Inline Editing > Off . This will enable Opera Mini 4.2 style text entry using the phone’s native text editor with full symbol and T9 support.
  • On touch devices there is no menu option to go to the Start Page where the speed dials are. The only way to get to the Start Page on touch only phones is by opening a new tab.
  • Opera Mini has an equivalent to the Windows right-click. It’s accomplished by a long press on the screen on touch phones. On non touch phones either press the “1” key or do a long press on the center Dpad button. The result is a “context” menu (image below right) with options specific to the screen object that has focus. Here are some examples of what you can do with the context menu.

On a Speed Dial button choose “Assign” or “Edit” from the context menu to edit the button’s URL.

Anywhere on the screen to select text for copying

On a link or Speed Dial to open it in a new tab

On an image to zoom it or open it for saving with the phone’s OS browser

Opera Mini 5 Copying Text

  • Here’s a great tip from Opera’s Haavard. You CAN copy web page text to other applications if your phone supports cutting and pasting from text edit fields (all Nokia Symbian phones and most Sony Ericssons do) Here’s how:
    • Disable inline editing from the Setting menu
    • Copy some text using the context menu
    • Press the left soft key (labeled “Use”) and choose “Search With”  from the menu (image above).
    • Press the center button and “Edit” the search field
    • Copy the text into the system clipboard using the phone OS’s copy function.  For example, on the Nokia N95 you hold the “pencil” key, select the text using the Dpad and then press the right softkey (labeled “Copy”  (image below).

Opera Mini 5 Pasting Text

  • Opera Mini 4.2’s built-in RSS reader isn’t officially supported yet in Opera Mini 5 yet but you can still get to it by entering the URL,  feed:list
  • Get familiar with Opera Mini’s Settings menu.  That’s where you can toggle images and change image quality, enable fit  to width Mobile View, toggle full screen and landscape modes, change the font size or clear saved passwords, cookies and history. Click on Advanced in Settings to toggle inline editing, hide the navigation bar on touch devices and change the saved pages folder on some platforms.
  • Non-touch users, don’t forget Opera Mini’s one and two-key shortcuts. I’ve listed them below  and there’s also an incomplete  list of them in the Help Menu.

1 – Context Menu
2 – Scroll Up
4 – Scroll Left
5 – Zoom
6 – Scroll Right
8 – Scroll Down
# then 1 Enter URL
# then 2 – Search the Web
# then 3 – Find in Page
# then 4 – Start Page
# then 5 – Bookmarks
# then 6 – History
# then 8 – Settings
# then 9 – Saved Pages
# then # – Forward
* then 1-9 – Launch Speed Dial URLs 1-9
* then 0 – Reload Page
* then # – Toggle Landscape
* then * – Toggle Full Screen
* then Up – Open a new tab
* then Down – Close current tab
* then Right – Next tab
* then Left – Previous tab

As I mentioned, I found many of these tips on the web. Thanks especailly to Haavard, Gerry Moth and juliankreuz for finding and sharing their tips.

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  1. The navigation keys are not available in opera mini in my samsung gt s5233 (touchscreen).earlier they were present but after reinstaliing opera mini for some reason, navigation keys have just vanished

  2. i zipped saved pages of opera mini 6.1 by xplore for some reasons, and after i unzipped the zip file in the same folder namely ‘saved pages’ but it doesn’t get shown in Opera mini. .
    Please help me in this. . .

    • This is a known issue. Opera Mini 6.n can only see pages that it created. A user named m00ps posted the following on the Opera Mini forum:
      1. Save a new page in Opera Mini 6
      2. Locate the Saved Pages folder that Opera created
      3. Note down or copy the filename of the saved page.
      4. Go into the folder where you backed up your saved pages and rename one of the files to the name you just copied.
      5. Move the old file with the new name into Opera Mini’s Saved Pages folder. You’ll get a message informing you that a file with that name already exists, and it’ll ask if you’d like to replace it.
      Select Yes.
      Opera Mini should now read that file and be able to open it.
      You’ll have to do that for each saved page.”

      I haven’t tried this myself so I can’t say if it actually works. Also this will only work if the backed up pages were from the same version of Opera Mini. The saved pages format is often not the same across versions. Opera Mini 6.1 can’t read saved pages from Opera Mini 6.0 no matter what you do.

      Because of this issue I only use saved pages to finish reading a long page on the subway where I have no service. For long term archiving I bookmark the page or if the page’s content is likely to change I copy the text I need into a note or text file or email it to myself.

  3. How Do I Remove The Shortcut Pages on The Opera Mini Mobile Menu The Ones Where The Opera Speed dial button and wikipedia button is?

    • On touchscreen phones do a long press on the Speed Dial you want to delete and choose “Clear”.

      On non-touchscreen phones highlight the Speed Dial you want to delete and press the “1” key (or do a long press on the OK key) and choose “Clear”.

  4. i have started using this browser 5 beta but i’m finding diificulties in saving pages. how do i do that?

    • Opera Mini 5 Beta is very old. Try using the latest version which is Opera Mini 6.1 Download it from http:m.opera.com. Use one of the signed versions if possible.

      Not all phones allow apps to access the file system to save pages. Some phones only let you save to the memory card and some only allow signed apps to save pages.

    • Opera Mini 5.0 is obsolete and no longer readily available though if you find it it will work on the 7610..

      The current version is Opera Mini 6.1 and it will also work on the Nokia 7610. Go to http://m.opera.com withe phone’s browser to download and install it.

  5. Good day sir Dennis, my concern is about Opera Mini and how to use it for free mobile browsing, I’ve been downloading OM version 5 and 4.2 for months and still i cant install it, my network is GLOBE.. can u please give me a tips or tricks or configuration settings on how to use it without charges on my load, thanks..

  6. hi..opera mini is not working very well on my phone nokia 5233…what should i do? need help pls.

  7. are you using opera? I think the RAM is the problem that even you have big memory but the RAM is low you cannot download big files.

  8. my nokia 5200 can’t download more than 2mb what can i do to solve this problem

  9. Im using nokia N70 but the Opera mini 5.1 beta is not working. It always says “connection failed. please review your network settings.” How can i make it work? Please help me.

  10. I’m having problem with my settings.can you help out.i’m using nokia phone

  11. m using nokia c3-00,although opera mini is awesome n v5 is gr8,i jus wanna know that how can i change d downloads path in opera mini 5,i wanna set a particular folder 4 opera downloads..
    any help wil b appreciated…

    • You can’t change the default but you should be able to download to any folder. Choose “Other” in the download folder list and then drill down to where you want to save.

    • If you’re referring to the Opera download page, only devices tested by Opera are listed. However Opera Mini works on almost all phones whether they are listed or not. In the case of the 5233, its a Symbian S60 5th Ed device that’s similar to the 5230. Download Opera Mini 6 for Symbian, it will work.

  12. How can i open my previously saved pages by Opera mini 5.1beta S60 in my new Opera mini 6 S60 ? My phone is Nokia E51.

  13. i’d like to know how can i play/watch a video from youtube or from any website using opera mini 5.1 beta 2??? I’m using nokia n70 and motorola razer v3.

  14. I wobnt to know how to setup free browsing configuration settings on operamin5.1, give me the menu requirements and free browsing cheats for the following ISP MTN GLO ETISALAT ZAIN etc.Thanks

  15. I am trying to change my opera mini main menu. On the old system had nice square boxes for each site now its displaying in a line since i downloaded latest version. Please help me get my menu to the square type grid with all my added sites . Thank you. Its a mobile version for a nokia 6300

  16. i installed opera mini 5 in my samsung GT-B6520 installed
    perfectly earlier it was opening web pages but later it is not
    opening some pages. how can i make settings to open all web pages

  17. yes,im als0 familiar regarding to your problem,i having that in my o.m.5.1 but n0t usually. . .in general its a BUg in ur o.m.5 ,theres an error regrding your joystick,your o.m. Is suitable for phone,or the o.m. That u using has a problem,its better to check a good and coMPATible o.m. For your phone,or u may download bug fixer.tnx

    • Prince, What’s wrong with the caps key on your phone or PC? These comments of yours with capitalized letters in the middle of words are hard to read and look like hell. Hope you can get it fixed soon.

  18. hi, mu problem iz navigation buton. When i press down(or up) and hold it for a second, he start going down on page and stops only on bottom(or on top) of page. it cannot be stoped, no mather wich button i press. it is the same on the navigation pad and on the keypad. my phone is HTC S710 vox. and using win mobile 6. sorry for my English.

  19. oM 5.1 is the amazin applicATIoN i downlodd since i start wap br0wsin,giv me lots benfits,,chat,research,uploadin,downloding,hew totally unbelievable

  20. After installing Opera on my Droid, one of the first sites I visited was FedEx to track a pakage. Now every time I start up Opera, I am taken to the FedEx site.

    • I’ve only heard of this happening on Android. Because the Android OS is very aggressive at terminating idle processes, when Opera is relaunched it reopens the last visited page. If it seems to have gotten stuck FedEx try to purge that site by
      1. Opening Opera Mini and going to Settings > Privacy and clicking clear history.
      2. Go to the Opera Speed Dial page and press the back button repetitively until Opera terminates and you are back on the Android Launcher
      3. Relaunch Opera and it should start with the Speed dial page again.

    • I have this same problem on my Samsung Intercept Android phone. I tried the suggested fixes and they did not work. This is very annoying because whenever I try to open a link from, for example, a text I have received on my phone, it opens a page that I was on before and not the link. It seems to pick the page at random that it’s going to keep opening every time.

      The only thing that I’ve found that works is if I back out of the browser completely and hit the link again from the text. However, the next time I try to open a different link from a different text, it takes me back to that other page. It’s very frustrating!!

  21. My problem on this n95 when im downloading a file it always (O)zero kb.please help me.im newbie.im looking forward to y0ur help.thx.

  22. first of all, just wanna say thanks for your response. my phone is GT-C3200. how could i know which one will work best? any suggestions. thanks again.

    • I don’t have that phone so I can’t really give you a recommendation. Looking at the phone’s specs I see that it only has 1.5 MB of Java heap memory which is low.

      My guess would be that 3.1 and 4.2 would run well, 5.1 poorly or not at all. The only way to find out is to try, it shouldn’t take you more than 15 minutes to download all 3.

  23. Ah.. That’s the easiest part man.. Just when you find that an update’s available for your app. just highlight the app. name from the app. list and press options.. Select update from there.. It’d be easy..

  24. is that compatible for my phone, which is SAMSUNG GT-3200? if not, what is the most compatible one for my phone? thanks in advance for your response.

    • I don’t think there is a GT-3200. Perhaps you mean the GT-C3200 or the GT-M3200. Neither phone has been tested by Opera but they will probably work with at least one version of Opera Mini. Just try all three (3.1, 4.2 and 5.1) at http://m.opera.com and pick the one that works best.

  25. I am having some difficulty saving pages on Opera 5. Pls can you help out? I have not been able to figure out just how to do it.

  26. I want to remove the older version of Opera Mini that I am currently using in my Nokia 5130 Xpress Music mobile and replce it with a newer version. What should I do?

    • Are you using a signed version of Opera Mini? If not download the double signed one from mini.opera.com using the phone browser. Then set read user data and write user data permissions to allowed in suite settings.

  27. I want to see webpages saved by OPERA (PC-10.63) to my mobile with MINI 5 …….. Is it possible ?? Pages saved by Mini 5 contains “*.mht” format ………………… HELP ME

  28. hi! i downloaded a version of beta compatible with wm2003 pdas, and i’m trying to figure out if it’s possible to save to a different download location other than on the device itself. i would like to save downloads to an sd card but can’t get to it. is this the same in all platform versions of 5 beta or just mine? thanks!

  29. Hi! my problem with opera mini 5 is unique , my browsers doesn’t supports downloading ,i m using samsung star superb plz giv me solution dude……

  30. i have downloaded in my phone operamini5HANDLERUI 4 almost 15 days i enjoyed using it but now i can’t open it anymore it cost a lot for my prepaid..what should i gonna do..please help me sir..thanks

  31. “Via says:
    November 5, 2010 at 4:52 am
    But OM5 has disabled its power scrolling, yes? :/ Help.
    Dennis Bournique says:
    November 5, 2010 at 8:08 am
    You mean 2 for page up and 8 for page down? Is this on Android? If so try downloading the previous version from http://wapreview.com?p=8181 and let us know if that fixes it.”

    Oh, sorry. This is on Nokia C3, sw 4.6 (or something, latest). I switched to 5.1, and I’m able to use 2-4-5-6-8 again 7 and instead of visualised bookmarks, I get a sort of ‘list view’. :/ with OM5, I get the visualised bookmarks, but I can’t use the 2-4-5-6-8 pad. Any ideas why? Thank you very much!

  32. hi
    hope to get solution
    i’m using nokia 3230
    opera 5.1 beta is nice,just few uncomfortablity.i’m not getting options to navigate functions.
    1 main menu is not complete enough.
    2 no option for ‘add bookmark’.though,there is saved pages option.but it’s not enough comfortable.
    3 main manu is hard to navigate fast than ver 4.2.
    4 not enough setting options.must be personalizing system to make easy..
    5 i want to use keypad to navigation,instead of joystick.

  33. i have problems to get my Nokia 6300i in landscape mode.i install t a special landscape and fullscrene version 5.121051 with landscape on SD carte but in the setting menu, there are no landscape to swith it.
    also the regular version 5.1.21074 . what can i do to switch in this mode. with 4.2 there wasn’t a problem. i like 5.1 but i can read the letters to small even with fond large setting in the menu. thanks for help

  34. What does it mean enter text 2048 when trying to search with opera mini. I will try and input a search on any search engine, google, yahoo etc and the same message pops up on top and no option to input search. Thanks for you help

    • 2048 is the maximum number characters that the text box allows you to input. When that screen comes up you should just start typing your query and press the softkey labeled OK. If that doesn’t work it’s likely a bug specific to your phone model and version of Opera mini, in which case you should file a bug report at http://mini.bugs.opera.com/ and ask for help on the Opera Mini forum at http://my.opera.com/community/forums/forum.dml?id=111

    • Oh, sorry. This is on Nokia C3, sw 4.6 (or something, latest). I switched to 5.1, and I’m able to use 2-4-5-6-8 again 7 and instead of visualised bookmarks, I get a sort of ‘list view’. :/ with OM5, I get the visualised bookmarks, but I can’t use the 2-4-5-6-8 pad. Any ideas why? Thank you very much!

  35. Anybody there who can help w/ regarding my opera mini 5 & 4.2. I have tried smart, globe & sun yet it still won’t work f I don’t have a load. My cp unit s SGH-L700 & N6070. thanx,

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