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U.S. travelers are familiar with SkyMall, whose catalog of quirky products lurks in the seat-back pockets of virtually every commercial airliner. But did you know that SkyMall also has Web and mobile Web sites where you can shop the SkyMall catalog without having to board a flight?

The mobile site offers a large number of products in a dozen¬† broad categories like “Sports” and “Pet Products”.¬† There is a also a search box making it relatively easy to find specific products.

One thing that SkyMall got right is offering mobile friendly payment options using PayPal, Google Checkout or a click to call number. If you are a regular SkyMall customer you can also make purchases using payment information from your stored profile. And if you really enjoy filling out endless forms with your phone keypad you can pay by credit card. Source: Oh! Mobile Directory

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  1. i have ordered from their mobile site and loved how quick and easy it was. They do have search as well making it very easy to find the exact products that your looking for.

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