aBrilliantBlog Is Now A Mobile Blog

ABrilliantBlog Mobilized by Mippin

aBrilliantBlog is Jeb Brilliant’s personal blog on all things mobile. Jeb is a social media and brand image consultant to the mobile industry and also runs a trade show and events production company.

At aBrilliantBlog Jeb writes about mobile services, VOIP, social networking and devices, especially Nokias.

Jeb uses the Mippin WordPress plugin to create the mobile version of aBrilliantBlog. I’m pleased to see that the Mippin plugin supports thematic consistency – a link to any post on the desktop edition of  aBrilliantBlog will render the mobile version of the same page in a mobile browser.

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Ready.mobi Score: 4 “Good”

Mobile Link: abrilliantblog.com

3 thoughts on “aBrilliantBlog Is Now A Mobile Blog

  1. Dennis,
    Thanks so much for mentioning my blog, that’s very nice of you. I’d been meaning to mobilize it for a while now and Ricky Cadden just kicked me into gear.

    I like and am using the Mippin version but did try the WP plug in which didn’t show my posts just the titles.

    Thanks again,

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