Your Blogger Blog Is Now Mobile Friendly

Google’s Blogger is the largest blogging platform by far, hosting over 40 million individual blogs. While famous for the many spam blogs or “splogs” it hosts, the free service is also used by millions of legitimate bloggers including some well know ones like Google Operating System, PostSecret, the law blog Althouse and Michael Mace’s Mobile Opportunity.  It’s even used for some big corporate blogs like the official Twitter and Alexa blogs and all of Google own blogs such as the … Continue reading

Nokia Conversations Uses Mippin To Mobilize!

Nokia Conversations which calls itself, “The Official Nokia Blog” is one of the handset maker’s primary ways of interacting with users. It’s really more of a tech news site than a typical dry corporate blog. Conversations is about firmware updates, game and app reviews and coverage of Nokia in the news. In keeping with the blog’s name it’s a two way communication channel, reader comments are actively encouraged. Nokia doesn’t appear to censor negative comments either as it’s very easy … Continue reading

WOMWorld’s Mobile Friendly Redesign

Nokia’s WOMWorld received a redesign last week. Gone are the dozens of static product images which slowed pge loads and were only interesting the first time you viewed the site. The new layout is lighter, cleaner looking and loads much faster. A nice side effect of the redesigns is that WOMWorld is now available in a mobile friendly version, created with Crowd Favorite’s WordPress Mobile Edition. WOMWorld is a news aggregator that pulls together the latest news and opinions about … Continue reading

Love and Words – Poet/Filmmaker Cassandra Tribe’s Mobile Blog

Cassandra Tribe is an American poet and filmmaker noted not only for her poetry but also for her readings and videos in which she uses changes in the pitch and timbre of her voice along with music, costume and makeup to achieve dramatic effects. Love and Words is Tribe’s blog where she shares her life experiences, philosophical essays and an occasional poem. The mobile version of Love and Words includes blog posts, a rotating selection of poems and stills from … Continue reading

Updated: All Blogs Are Now Mobile Friendly.

Images – Updated: Issues using with Symbian phones fixed. Wow! Automattic, the folks behind WordPress, finally fixed something I’ve been complaining about for years.  All 4.5 million blogs are now mobile friendly. Just to be clear there are two distinct products called “WordPress“., which is what runs on, is free open source software that anyone can download and install on a web server.   You can do anything with it including modifying the code or installing … Continue reading

aBrilliantBlog Is Now A Mobile Blog

aBrilliantBlog is Jeb Brilliant’s personal blog on all things mobile. Jeb is a social media and brand image consultant to the mobile industry and also runs a trade show and events production company. At aBrilliantBlog Jeb writes about mobile services, VOIP, social networking and devices, especially Nokias. Jeb uses the Mippin WordPress plugin to create the mobile version of aBrilliantBlog. I’m pleased to see that the Mippin plugin supports thematic consistency – a link to any post on the desktop … Continue reading

WPhone – I Wish You Still Worked

I’m still trying to find the perfect tool for running  Wap Review using just a mobile phone. My requirements are pretty basic, I just want to be able to create and edit posts and edit and moderate comments.  With posts I need to be able to enter and edit the body of the post and I’d like to be able assign  the category, enter tags and an excerpt.   For comments I need to be able edit them to remove phone … Continue reading

Posted From My Phone

I’ve been experimenting with writing some of my posts using only my phone. I think I’ve come up with a set of tools that make it possible for me to create well formatted blog posts using either my BlackBerry 7100i or Nokia N95. Wap Review is a WordPress blog and up through WP 2.5 I was actually able write posts and moderate comments with Opera Mini using just the standard WordPress administrative screens. For version 2.7, WordPress completely redesigned the … Continue reading