Found on the Mobile Web #38

Found on the Mobile Web is an occasional WAP Review feature listing newly added and updated sites on the mobile portal and WapReview mobile site directory. With these latest additions the directory and portal now list 1112 mobile sites.

Network World Technology/Tech News

Network World ( is a free weekly “controlled circulation” print newspaper and web site targeted at IT networking professionals. It features news, reviews, buying guides, editorials and forums. The mobile site is created and hosted by

Content: *** Usability: XXXX


WineZap Mobile ( There are a number of Wine sites on the mobile web sites offering reviews and ratings of various wines and vintages. WineZap is a little different. It starts with the premise that you know what wine you want but don’t know where to find it. Wine Zap’s free form search lets you enter any or all of a number of different search criteria including the name of a vintner, varietal, region, vintage and US zip code. Results will list prices, wine merchant’s name, city, state and phone number. The phone numbers are not click to call though, which is inexcusable for a mobile site.

Content: *** Usability: XXX

PortalsJmise ( A new mobile portal with an attractive graphical interface optimized for phones with 240px wide screens. It has about 200 generally high quality mobile links.

Content: *** Usability: XXXX


Forum NokiaForum Nokia Mobile This is the mobile edition of Nokia’s site for mobile application and web developers. Unfortunately it’s missing much of the content found on the full PC Forum Nokia site. Some of the missing features like the SDK downloads don’t make any sense on a mobile site. But also missing are my favorite part of Forum Nokia, the discussion boards. What is on is a calendar of events, a list of new articles posted on the main Forum Nokia site and a pretty good device characteristics data base with specifications including technical details like supported JSRs and audio and video formats. Be aware that some of the links in the News and Events sections point to non mobile content.

Content: *** Usability: XXXX

Entertainment/Mobile Video-Audio

Mobile FilmMakers 2006 ( This is a mobile site created for a mobile filmmaking contest held in 2006. The site has about a dozen films available for viewing in 176×144 h263/aac format including the four winning films. There are also film making tutorials available in text or video format.
via Eugenia

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News/US Local by State/Colorado – Florida

KJCT8 ( Local News Weather, News, Sports and Event Calendar from Grand Junction Colorado’s TV Channel 8. The site has dozens of articles of almost entirely local content and is easy to navigate – except that four of the nine links on the home page; Medical Network, Entertainment, Classifieds and LIFESTYLE lead to a page in the domain containing the message “The content on this page is not viewable on a mobile device” Huh? Why are the links even there then?

Content: **** Usability: XXX


RedTram News Search ( A searchable automated news aggregator similar to Google News but less US centric. RedTram’s front page covers top world news stories or you can click the “News on…” link for the Technology, Economics & Finance, Culture & Arts, State & Community, Incidents, Automotive and Sports sections. Users can comment on stories and there is a page of the most commented stories. All links in items are removed and there’s is no way to get to the original news source. I like to see a way to click thorough to transcoded versions of the original articles or the possibility of emailing myself a link to the source item.

Content: *** Usability: XXX


Summize ( is a real time Twitter search. If you want to keep up the latest web 2.0 trends you really need to use Twitter. So many of the top tech bloggers (Scoble, Steve Rubel, Jason Calacanis) are posting their latest news on the micro blogging platform. Summize offers an alternative to following hundreds of people on Twitter. With Summize you can do a keyword search against all public Twitters for the topics and memes that interest you. Summize isn’t really a mobile site but it’s small page size and minimal use of images let its basic search functions work even on the limited built in browsers of most phones. Summize’s advanced search options popup which let you filter by user, tag, attitude or language requires Javascript and dooesn’t work on most phones although Opera Mini handles it with no problems. Via Mashable

Content: **** Usability: XXXX

freemobile411 FreeMobile411 ( A new mobile directory search for US addresses. Search by Business name or type or find a person by name and zip code or address. FreeMobil411 returns the address and click to call phone number. The businesses or residence is displayed on a Mapquest Mobile map. The maps don’t zoom in enough to display all the street names unfortunately but driving directions are available. Searching by name works better than by business type. A search for sushi in my zip code failed to find any of the half dozen nearby sushi bars although it found them all if I searched for them individually by name.

Content: **** Usability: XXX

Property-England ( Find homes and business properties for sale in England. Search by post code or keyword and filter results by price. Listings include a brief description and the price. Once you find a property that interests you the site’s usability is lacking. To act on a property you are advised “For more information, refer to quoting reference number nnnn” I’d think a proper mobile site of this type should offer a way to contact the listing agent directly with a click to call link.

Content: *** Usability: XX