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LiveJournal is one of the oldest blogging platforms, launching in 1999 and remains one of the most popular today with over 23 million users. In addition to being a free platform for publishing a personal blog or journal, Live Journal has strong social networking features including group blogs (called communities), profiles and friends lists. Individual posts and entire blogs can be configured to be readable by friends only.

Well known Live Journal blogs include the gossip site ONTD (mobile) and Julie and Julia (mobile), the blog turned best selling book and blockbuster movie.

Live Journal, like VOX, MSN Spaces and is another blogging platform that automatically generates a mobile friendly edition of each published blog. Unlike the others, Live Journal doesn’t appear to use browser detection to redirect mobile browsers to the mobile edition. Mobile LiveJournals have non-intuitive URLs like The easiest way to find a specific mobile journal seems to be by using the search engine on the main Live Journal mobile site at

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