Opera Mini 5 Beta 2 – Does Progressive Loading Speed Up Browsing?

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Following up on yesterday’s release of new Opera Mini Beta, the official Opera Mini Blog published a short list of the main enhancements in Beta 2.

It includes an explanation of the new “Progressive Loading” feature in this release. According to Opera, “your browsing experience will be faster and better” with progressive loading because pages are loaded in chunks allowing the page to start displaying sooner.  I was surprised because I hadn’t noticed that Beta 2 was any faster than Beta 1.

Today I ran a test loading by Wikipedia’s 1871 KB “USA” page (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/USA) in both browsers on a Nokia N95-3 using the same WiFi connection and the same settings (mobile view:off, image quality:high, font size:small and protocol:socket).  With both versions of the browser the results were identical!  The page stated to appear and could be navigated after 11 seconds and was fully loaded in 15 seconds.  I’m sure that there are some changes in the code to implement progressive loading but the benefits to the end user are not obvious.

I’m not complaining. Opera Mini is, as always, blazing fast. Test after test, both my own and others, have shown it to be the fastest mobile web browser – period. But I am wondering if anyone has found any pages that do load faster in the latest Beta.

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30 thoughts on “Opera Mini 5 Beta 2 – Does Progressive Loading Speed Up Browsing?

  1. I have nokia 5320 Xpress music.
    Am use opramine 5 .I have facing some problem .can you help me.

    verifcation of server certificate failed .please check the date setting in your device.
    (other 1)
    unable to connect.Please review your network setting.

  2. Hi i have nokia 7430. I have downloaded opera mini 5 beta 2. When i try to access full orkut site, it dont show full site. Earlier i have downloaded opera mini 4.2 but that also not show full orkut site. I access internet through mobile office service. Plz. Help.

  3. I used to have mini opera beta 1 when it first came out, but became tired of the lagging when downloading and failure to render pages really clear. It was also problematic when in need to click on desktop tabs! Dont take me wrong! I loved where opera is heading with it but in the mean time I had to go back to the old version of it that still works extremely fast on my tour blackberry and until this browser do not come out of beta stage I will not use the new upgrades of it. To be honest I am enjoying bolt so much that I feel no rush for the beta to end. I am using both though!

    I had to go go back to 4.2 because in my tour when I need to delete something the whole field would be deleted too!

  4. I’ve been using Opera Mini 5 beta2 on my LG KU990 (Viewty) for a month now and it feels great.
    It’s a great browser for a touch-screen phone.
    The only problem I have is that it doesn’t work in landscape mode on this phone.
    I hope this problem will be solved in the final version.

  5. When ever i use om 5 2 for more than 5 minutes it starts hanging and it closes down automatically. I am using MOTOROKR EM30.

  6. I GUESS i HAVE TO AGREE WITH SACHIN I am using the N958GB wich gives a really fast browsing experience luckily i did not delete the OM5 for OM5 2 because many a time i have tp press atleast twice for it to commence search and though the operamini 5 2 works blazing fast on my friends Motorola V8 it dissapoints in N958GB I even deleted and installed again but it did not work.After the disastrous download experience same as Sachins I did not try downloading again

  7. Im aware of how to minimize the download manager. The real problem is that im unable to load any page after entering an address or clicking on a link. The progress bar remains stuck at 0 until the download is complete. Thus im unable to download and browse at the same time.

  8. After you start a download, press the left softkey (labeled “Minimize”) and you can resume browsing, load pages, open new tabs etc. If you choose “Downloads” from the main menu you can see that yor download is still occurring in the background.

  9. Im terribly disappointed with the download manager in beta 2 … as long as therez a download in progress i cant do anything else… cant browse pages, cant simultaneously run 2 downloads… it just sucks coz i have to wit till the download completes before i can do ANYTHING else!!!! am i the olny 1 suffering?? help

  10. I dont think Operamini5 beta 2 is any better infact t8he operamini beta 5 was and is evenmore dependable than the new version.I have to press 3times atleast beforeI get to any webpage as I get net connection failed with this

  11. Perhaps some headers/client info are not shown or ignored by OM server when WIFI connection is used. I can see bandwidth info in ‘debug:’ par example.

  12. i take my words back.. after browsing for five hours now i say that its the fastest browser on planet……….. ucweb….opera mobile….s60 browser…bolt are NOTHING in front of it……..but while switching tabs it lags on my nokia 5800 for a sec …….. otherwise i had no problems with it…….wowwwwwwww :) i am loving it….but it does have some rendering probs. with desktop version of facebook…. :(

  13. 5.0b2 is almost x2 times faster with 3g connection and depends on the bandwidth at a given moment for a fluent data transfer.

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