Updated: UCWEB 7 Final Released

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UCWEB 7 is out of Beta.  The official release is in Chinese only but, Manojr “Mannuforall” Tiwari  has done an unofficial English translation which is available on his blog. A release announcement with screenshots and a list of features (in Chinese) is  here (Google translation).

I’m hard pressed to see any significant differences between this version and the leaked pre-release version I reported on last week.  Hopefully there are some bug fixes.  I did notice minor translation related differences in the wording of some of the menus and help screens.  The leaked version had a modified splash screen with the translator’s picture and some  preinstalled links to his sites, Mannu’s is thankfully without these additions.

Because this is a Chinese version it uses a server in China and many sites including Twitter, Facebook and all Blogger.com blogs are blocked by the “Great Firewall”.  I’m really hoping UC sees fit to release an official English version with a server outside of China.  For now I’m sticking with the official English version of UCWEB 6.3 which uses US based servers and is not censored.

One of the more interesting new features in this release is that it is supposed to support Flash Lite on phones like my N95 that have a Flash Lite runtime in firmware.  I was unable to confirm this.  I tried YouTube, which works in the N95 browser, but it was blocked by the Chinese firewall. The videos on Chinese sites  www.tudou.com and  www.youku.com, which have been reported as working by a user on the UCWEB forum, did not work either. If anyone finds a Flash site that works in UCWEB, I’d love to hear about it.

Update: See mannuforall’s  comment below with a link to mfl.haoge001.com/index.xhtml which has Flash games that work with UCWEB on my N95. The games launch in the Flash Player when clicked from within UCWEB.

Here are links to unofficial translations of UCWEB 7 Final for Symbian S60V2and S60V3 that mannu mentioned:
ucweb translated by cupinthemud (UCWEB forum thread)
UCWEB_7.0.2.37_Final_EN_s60v2.sis translated by YAKISARA (UCWEB forum thread)

9 thoughts on “Updated: UCWEB 7 Final Released

  1. I downloaded the symbian v3 version for my N95 8GB but I wasn’t being able to open many sites in it just like google loads in its chinese version. And I noticed that my site http://husnainlatif.mywapblog.com is also not shown correctly as it is shown in Webkit or Opera Mini… So I would prefer Opera Mini 4 and 5 yet… Please check my site on UCWEB 7 as I’m worried thier might be a problem with my own site :-(

  2. I think UCWEB should think globally. Now they are bounded within China and Chinese and they release their update versions in Chinese language supported by Chinese servers. It is the unofficial programmers (thanks to them) who come up with the translations which can provide only the translation for the browser and can do nothing with the Chinese-server based search results and Chinese texts. You know, we get the Chinese version of even Google which is annoying for users from out of China. They’ve to consider Chinese people but should give more consideration to the global people. Why can’t they think about releasing their updates first in English, based on servers outside China and then releasing official Chinese translation for it? It can make this amazing browser with numerous features globally accepted as the first choice of people. Hope all of us can join hand in hand and make them aware of this.

  3. I’ll wait for official english version of ucweb 7.because translated by mod version are not suitable for browse.in mod translated version you can just read the menu in english.but when you browse google or somewhere its web or wap page text come as chinese word..i think ucweb 6.3en official version is better .

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