Bolt Browser Updated to 1.62

Bolt Browser - Split screen View

The Google  Nexus One phone wasn’t the only mobile product released today. According to a post on the Bolt Forum,BOLT 1.62 was released today. This is a routine upgrade featuring behind-the-scenes improvements that you probably won’t notice on the surface, but you should still upgrade. You will be prompted to upgrade the next time you launch BOLT.

One reason to upgrade is that until you do, the browser will continue to prompt you to upgrade every time you start it. The prompt includes an upgrade button. On my N95-3, doing an upgrade from within Bolt failed with a typically unhelpful Symbian error message of “Unable to install“.  I was able to install the upgrade directly from  Bolt’s mobile site at using the Nokia browser.

As expected, their were no noticeable changes from the previous version although Bolt 1.62 did “feel” faster.  If you don’t have Bolt on your phone give it a try, it’s a fast full-web browser that has very good rendering and seems compatible if just about every site I’ve tried. Bolt features copy/paste, a password manager, upload and download support and on many phones it’s able to play Flash videos.  Get it by visiting with you phone’s browser or download it to your PC from for sideloading.

Boost Mobile iDEN and Nextel users can send Bolt directly to their phones from the off-portal Boost app store;

8 thoughts on “Bolt Browser Updated to 1.62

  1. I went to my operamini 4.2 speed dial link and accidentally clicked on one of my bookmarklets and low and behold it worked.I thought it must be a fluke and tried another..Hell yah! bookmarklets work!

  2. The new version is certainly faster.Bolt 1.6 was a pain to scroll on my Samsung S3500 and its response time was slow.Bolt 1.62 is very smooth on loading big pages and it is responding more quickly.

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