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Serial blogger, social networking gadfly, actor and director Andrew Currie, has “gone pro” with a new blog, Open Attitude covering some of my favorite topics; “Fair use, free software, unlocked phones and other things that are open.

The new site looks great and Andrew is off to a running start with a flurry of posts on desktop Linux, unlocked phones, file sharing, copyleft, Creative Commons and more.  Andrew’s goal is to spread the open gospel and it seems to be  working.  His Linux post has given me new inspiration to revive a ten year old PC with a light weight Linux distro. Open Attitude promises to be a lively and provocative site. And it’s mobile friendly, so check it out now on your phone or PC.

The low score seems to be caused by Andrew’s use of  Disqus to handle blog comments. Discus inserts a lot of JavaScript and CSS into the mobile pages. The site loads quickly and works well on all my phones,  although the comment form is missing when I view it with the Openwave browser simulator.

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