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File sharing services like Rapidshare around since the dawn of the Internet. They let you anonymously upload a file that can then be downloaded by anyone with Web access. While these services have gotten a bad name because they are widely used for illegal sharing of copyrighted material, they also make it possible for non-technical users to share self generated and legally sharable content like their own wedding videos without the need to install software or resort to kludges like emailing multiple 10 MB attachments

However, none of the mainstream file sharing services are at all mobile friendly. They are ad and subscription funded and interpose countdown timers, interstitials, deceptive links and various dirty tricks designed to get users to click on ads or pay to subscribe, which removes most of the impediments.

Enter Quick File Share Mobile (qfs.mobi). a free mobile file hosting service with a clean mobile friendly interface, no timers and a minimum of ads. It lets you upload, host and share files (up to 10MB) from your mobile phone. Files can be downloaded by anyone or password protected.

After uploading a file you are given a unique download link and the option to share the link by SMS or Email. Files not downloaded within 30 days will be deleted.

You can upload from any phone whose browser supports the html input tag’s “file” attribue (which enables browse for file functionality). Including the iPhone, Windows Mobile, most Nokias and Opera Mini, Bolt or UCWEB (on phones with JSR 75 support). Surprisingly, browse for file is not supported by any version of the Android browser. A workaround for Android users is to use Opera Mini 4.2 but you would think a modern, open-source, smartphone operating system like Android would support such a basic html function. Source: Mobility.mobi

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  1. Yea stunning upfront mobile sharing tool. It’s uniqueness and privacy is another great tool i like :)

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