How to Download Opera Mini Signed Versions

Opera Mobile download options

With the release of Opera Mini 5, the Opera Mini Forums have been flooded with newbies complaining that  they can’t find the signed versions of Opera Mini or even that Opera has “screwed them” them by not allowing them to download it their un-supported phone.

Actually it’s very easy to download the latest signed or unsigned versions of Opera Mini 5, 4.2 or 3.2 to any phone or PC.  Here’s how:

Visit using your phone browser,  You will see a screen similar to the two below.

Opera Mini default download Opera Mini Unknown Device

If Opera recognizes your phone it will display the make and model and offer a version that it has verified as working on the phone.  It may not be the latest version, many devices that Opera recommends 4.2 for can actually run 5.0.  The default download may or may not be signed and there is no indication whether it is or is not. The default is designed to make things easy for non technical users.  If you are a power user click the “Other download options” link to get the long list of available downloads shown on the right or at the top of this post. See the “Select Code Signing Certificate” links at the very bottom?  Unless you are using a BlackBerry (which doesn’t need certificates) or a Windows Mobile or Android device (the downloads for these are always signed), you will want to click one of the Code-Signing option links which will take you to the screen shown below.

OPera Mini Certificate selection screen

Using a signed version, if your phone supports it, generally lets you turn off some or all of those annoying security prompts that you get accessing the internet, saving pages or downloading when you use an unsigned version.  So how do you get the right signed version? If Opera detects your device there is a good chance the default download link on the first screen at will give you a working signed version.  If you have an un-tested phone or the default version turns out to be unsigned or doesn’t work for any reason, try downloading one of the other versions. I’d start with the “All Certificates” one  followed by the “Verisign”, “Thawte and “no certificates” versions, in that order until you find one that works.

So what if you want to download a signed version of Opera Mini to your PC for sideloading?   The PC downloads at are all unsigned and if you go to with a PC browser you will get redirected to the PC page.  The trick is to make your PC browser impersonate a phone. This is easiest with Firefox, follow this link to install the User Agent Switcher Extension. Then switch the User Agent to either the Googlebot or iPhone ones, or better yet add your own phone’s user agent (visit with the phone’s browser to find it) to the User Agent switcher. Now when you visit you will see the mobile page and be able to download any version you want.

Downloading to a PC only gets you a .jad file however.  It’s a text file that contains the signature and other information that tells the phone where to download the .jar file, which is the actual executable.  To get the jar file open the jad in a text editor.  Don’t use Windows  NotePad as it runs all the lines in the jad file together making the next step harder, WordPad works as do any of the many free editors like NoteTab Lite or Notepad++.  Once you open the jad file look for a line beginning with “MIDlet-Jar-URL:”.  The rest of that line, everything after the “MIDlet-Jar-URL:” is the jar file download URL. Paste it into the Firefox URL bar, hit enter and the jar file will download.

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  1. Hi, i have micromax X510 mobile and when i tried to install opera mini 4.2 with all certificate options one by one, installation failed. It shows downloading (0B) and finally stops with some message. Please help me out. Thanks in advance

  2. opera recently released an opera mini 6, I want to download the opera mini 5.1 for my Symbian phone but I cannot find it on their official site. please help me find the signed version of opera mini 5.1 for my Symbian phone.

  3. I installed Opera mini (4.2) but I get the messages (application untrusted). I looked in my app settings, and the only options I have for Opera Mini (and for all my apps that access the internet, for that matter) are: “Ask” and “Access Denied.” Do you think that means I can only use the unsigned version of this app?

    • “Untrusted” means that you installed the unsigned version. One of the signed versions may work, follow the instructions in the post to install it.

  4. do you know where I can find the signed version of Opera Mini 5.1? I can’t find it on

  5. Hi Dennis,
    Since a week there is a problem in Opera Mini 6. When I download files it does show the download bar but not the progress. After a while it shows download completed as it was in Mini 4.2. I tried Mini 5 but it has also the same problem. How to overcome this? Thanks in advance for the reply.

  6. i can’t surf opera mini becoz it needs certifaicate verification but it shows failure so whay i have to do

    • As explained in the post there are three different signed versions of Opera Mini. Try them all. If none install it means your phone doesn’t have any of the supported root certificates and you will need to use the unsigned version.

  7. I am needing to download opera mini signed version to be able to watch videos from you tube on my lg900g phone. Why aint it leting me?


  9. Hi…

    i have samsung GT-B7722 pls tell me what signed version of opera mini will be supported.

  10. My phone model is nokia xpresmusic 5130 i want to download operamini and it certificate.

  11. I wanted to download opera for my mobile but I couldn’t get it.The only thing I can see is no valid certificate on phone or SIM so please help me.

  12. I have nokia 2700,from few days my builtin browser is not working at all,infact the application is not opening.i tried many browsers but all of them are closed while downloading .jar files so pls tell me the solution.thank you

  13. Hi Dennis,

    When I enter data in any field on some sites like yahoo answers and as I’m typing this in this site in my mobile and press done, the browser loads and when it completes loading the entered data is lost. This problem is persistent on 5.1 and 4.2 both. How to solve this problem? I’m vexed about this. Please help. Hope you understand.

  14. Hi, pls i have downloaded three different operamini to my nokia3110c.But i want the signed version,pls help me.

    • If you have tried all 3 signed versions of 4.2 (Opera doesn’t recommend 5.1 on the 3110c) and they don’t install you have to use the unsigned one as that’s all your phone supports.

  15. Most phones do not allow end users to install certificates. Be sure to download the “code signing” certificates. If the phone doesn’t allow you to use them for application signing I don’t know of any way to force it to.

  16. please give my samsung champ c-3303 mobile supported opera mini file and version ,i download opera jar file but not runing application plse…plse….help me

  17. Hi,
    No, now it’s not branded. It was locked at operator but I had unlocked & unbranded & resofted the phone.

  18. No signed version was suitable for my Nokia 5310ExpressMusic.
    Only ‘no certificate’ (unsigned) 4.2 version was good for this phone.
    But I’ve manually downloaded 5.1 version and copied to phone. It’s unsigned but it’s better than 4.2 and it works.
    I repeat: installing from phone browser did not led to better results than manually downloading from opera site (choosing language, version and phone) and copying to memory card.
    It seems there is no valid certificated version for this phone model(s).

    • I’m surprised that none of the signed versions worked. Is your 5310XM operator branded name? Some operators remove certificates from their phones to make it harder to use with 3rd party apps.

  19. Thanks for the information. But if I download the signed version to pc and transfer it to mobile, can I avoid the annoying security screens?

  20. how to download new opera on lemon it 717 which have protected and corrupted preloaded opera.pliz help.otherwise lemon suck

  21. I am having Nokia 2630. When I tried to download Opera Mini in my handset, it recognised my phone and offered 4.2 version and that was downloaded. But thereafter when I tried to install it, its failed and asking me to visit the website and/or to contact my service provider. I don’t understand why its failed.

  22. some of my application stop working it say i need a download manager license. Where i can get that aps

  23. sir i want to ask why opera 5 or either 5.1 can not install to my nokia 6600 and in the suite setting there is no edit user data to allow for downloading

  24. thanks for this great articles, finally I can download signed Opera Mini 5 to my PC (but I havent try it yet)

    for Helloct:
    Tips for getting JAR instead JAD file:
    try to download the JAD first. then open it using text editor i.e notepad. Go to line 16 find line “MIDlet-Jar-URL: http:///xxxxx
    use the link to download JAR file to your PC.

  25. I was using opera mini 4.2 on my nokia 3110c.but when i download other softwarers,all z app r lost includhng opera.i can’t download it again.please help me.thank you

  26. sir i had a problem about some apps and game files in my phone they are hidden. they are uninstalled files that i downloaded from my opera. because they are not applicable to my phone i try to delete it but before i delete the file it disappear. after that i that check my memory and it still use a certain size of memory. i want to remove these files because it almost uses 90 mb in my mmc. i hope u could help me aside from formatting my phone

    • If you haven’t already done so, uninstall the apps using the phone’s application manager or uninstall option.
      Then go to the directory where you downloaded the apps to using the phone’s file manager, or Ultimate File Explorer if the phone doesn’t have a built in file manager, and delete them.

  27. I m using samsung B7722. I have used signed opera. still it tells “no write access” When download starts.

    • You may need to enable read and write access through the phone’s menus. Try highlighting Opera Mini in the menu and pressing the soft buttons or doing a long press to see if you get some kind of an app settings or app security menu.

  28. i tried the way using the pc but i cant figure out how to get it onto my phone…i have the lg lx600 and its a sprint phone so do you know how i would get it to the phone or if it will even work

  29. you said i need to download signed version. i get om 5.1 and 4.2 both signed version. but my problem is i cant install the 2 om. i still use the configuration of my om 5 beta and it still runs but when i apply it to my new om it didnt work. my phone is n70 i use globe sim. please help me

    • Some phones are missing the require certificates to install a signed version. There are three different signed versions of Opera Mini 4.2 and 5.1. Try them all and if none works you will have to use the unsigned one.

  30. i have opera mini 4.2 and opera mini 5 beta 2 in my n70. i can surf the web using my om but when im trying to get a file it always failed sometimes it takes me to my phone browser just download that certain file. please help me

    • Opera Mini will open the phone browser for jad and jar downloads. That’s by design and can’t be changed.

      It should be possible to download other types of files. Be sure you are using a signed version and double check that you have allowed read user data and write user data for Opera Mini in the Symbian App Manager.

      If the setup looks correct and you still can’t download it’s likely that your operator is blocking Opera Mini downloads.

  31. Hi im cha frm d philippines. I downloaded opera mini 5.0 for my nokia X3. Before it has already pre-installed om 3 version but it doesnt work so i try to replace it. The 5.0 version will only work if i have a load balance,but i thought that it’s for free? Another thing is it cant download anything,. Can you please help me solve all these problems? It will be a big thing for me..

    • Opera is free. Your operator will charge you for the data you use no matter which browser you use.

      For downloading to work you must grant Opera permission to read and write user data. Highlight Opera Mini in the menu press options, choose Suite Settings and set read user data and write user data to Always allowed, Ask once or Ask Always.

  32. Hii,
    I use pre-loaded Opera Mini 4.2 for browsing internet in my Micromax Q5fb mobile phone. I always get warning that my browser is not a signed one. Is there any way to get signed my preloaded Opera Mini 4.2, Please HELP.

    Thank you all!

  33. it has nothing to do with newbies. Opera mini website offers “signed” versions for customers that they know can not install them. an example would be virgin mobile usa customers. opera and virgin usa have a deal together. opera offers standard 4.2 to virgin customers and it freezes their phones when using save feature in browser..and they offer three signed versions to these customers that they know will not install and always give a error message stating vender or name is missing from descriptor/manifest…it has been reported to them numerous times with no answer from opera team on the matter and no fix either..obviously some users are more important than others. my suggestion to virgin mobile users is to purchase a rumor touch from virgin and install bolt..leave opera mini and their partnership with virgin in the dust.

  34. well………..
    can i donload signed version of opera mini 4.2 for ma nokia 3110c so that i can upload pic to twitter.

  35. i will have micromax q5 mobile using operamini4.2 version if i downloading anything warning unsigned version

  36. i have downloaded opera mini 5. when i checked for the details of the file. it indicates sign- untrusted… does the file ive downloaded not signed?

    also… im using samsung star wifi. i use memory card as default for wap downloads.but when i download large files like 3gp videos,, it still saves on the phone memory… is there a way that it can save directly on memory card?

    thanks alot…

    • Opera Mobile is available in signed and un-signed versions as described in the post. If you downloaded a signed version and your phone reports it as unsigned it may mean that the phone doesn’t support the particular certificate that the Opera Mini jad file is signed with.

      I don’t think you can download videos with Opera Mini. The downloading and saving is done by your phone’s default browser or media which may have it’s own setting for the location of downloaded files.

  37. Thnx Dennis,your article helped me a lot. I’ve downloaded Opera Mini 5 final version(verisign) in my N79. Now I don’t have to press ok several times for ‘read user data’ prompts. Because I’ve set all application access to ‘Always Allowed’ in App Manager.

  38. I have a Symbian based SE M600i UIQ 3.0 which has inbuilt signed certificates. I couldn’t get any of the above to work. I always ended up with an unsigned version, either with wireless or PC download. The phone was correctly identified and Opera said mini 5 was the correct version.

    Then I changed the language of the download from US English (default selected for me by Opera phone detection) to International English and it just worked…. it now appears signed…. no connection dialogs anymore…

    I hope this helps some of you.

  39. is the “no certificate” the same as the unsigned version? none of the other 3 work for me, i have a samsung exclaim for sprint. Thats a regular phone that uses jar. files

  40. i still could not download the full & signed version o fopera mini. please send a solution on my account given up.

  41. It’s worth noticing that for some handsets you need to have the both the .jad files and the .jar files in the same directory before the phone will install the application.

    This is fortunately rarely the case, but does occur with java midlet applications from time to time.

  42. I am in China, you know that the government built the Great Firewall, so I could not download the foreign version, but I really need it. Could anybody help me and send it to my email? Thank you!!! My email: [email protected]

    My phone is Nokia 6122c, sybam s60 v3. By the way, I also need opera mobile 10, if possible, could you please send it to me as well? Thanks again!!

  43. Hi,
    Usefull post, now i think i know how to save jar file on my Symbian phone using Opera Mobile: as i can save jad file on site like, i just have to rename the jad file i.e the OperaMini.jad file to OperaMini.txt and open it as a text file.
    After, i copy the link of the jar file and simply open it with my Opera Mobile. I think this must work, (not tested it yet thought)
    Sorry for my english.

    I still don’t understand why it’s not possible to find the Opera Mini’s jar file from

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