How to Download Opera Mini Signed Versions

Opera Mobile download options

With the release of Opera Mini 5, the Opera Mini Forums have been flooded with newbies complaining that  they can’t find the signed versions of Opera Mini or even that Opera has “screwed them” them by not allowing them to download it their un-supported phone.

Actually it’s very easy to download the latest signed or unsigned versions of Opera Mini 5, 4.2 or 3.2 to any phone or PC.  Here’s how:

Visit using your phone browser,  You will see a screen similar to the two below.

Opera Mini default download Opera Mini Unknown Device

If Opera recognizes your phone it will display the make and model and offer a version that it has verified as working on the phone.  It may not be the latest version, many devices that Opera recommends 4.2 for can actually run 5.0.  The default download may or may not be signed and there is no indication whether it is or is not. The default is designed to make things easy for non technical users.  If you are a power user click the “Other download options” link to get the long list of available downloads shown on the right or at the top of this post. See the “Select Code Signing Certificate” links at the very bottom?  Unless you are using a BlackBerry (which doesn’t need certificates) or a Windows Mobile or Android device (the downloads for these are always signed), you will want to click one of the Code-Signing option links which will take you to the screen shown below.

OPera Mini Certificate selection screen

Using a signed version, if your phone supports it, generally lets you turn off some or all of those annoying security prompts that you get accessing the internet, saving pages or downloading when you use an unsigned version.  So how do you get the right signed version? If Opera detects your device there is a good chance the default download link on the first screen at will give you a working signed version.  If you have an un-tested phone or the default version turns out to be unsigned or doesn’t work for any reason, try downloading one of the other versions. I’d start with the “All Certificates” one  followed by the “Verisign”, “Thawte and “no certificates” versions, in that order until you find one that works.

So what if you want to download a signed version of Opera Mini to your PC for sideloading?   The PC downloads at are all unsigned and if you go to with a PC browser you will get redirected to the PC page.  The trick is to make your PC browser impersonate a phone. This is easiest with Firefox, follow this link to install the User Agent Switcher Extension. Then switch the User Agent to either the Googlebot or iPhone ones, or better yet add your own phone’s user agent (visit with the phone’s browser to find it) to the User Agent switcher. Now when you visit you will see the mobile page and be able to download any version you want.

Downloading to a PC only gets you a .jad file however.  It’s a text file that contains the signature and other information that tells the phone where to download the .jar file, which is the actual executable.  To get the jar file open the jad in a text editor.  Don’t use Windows  NotePad as it runs all the lines in the jad file together making the next step harder, WordPad works as do any of the many free editors like NoteTab Lite or Notepad++.  Once you open the jad file look for a line beginning with “MIDlet-Jar-URL:”.  The rest of that line, everything after the “MIDlet-Jar-URL:” is the jar file download URL. Paste it into the Firefox URL bar, hit enter and the jar file will download.

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  1. I have tried to download opera mini 4.4 it is ok but the problem is that instead of saving it cancels and the final answer is that the downloaded JAR is invalid.what might be the problem?

    • Hard to say without more information.
      Are you installing by going to with the phone’s built in browser?
      Did you try all three signed versions on and none of them work?
      If none of the signed versions work which phone are you using and what exactlly do the error messages say
      Does the unsigned version work?

  2. Pls send or attach a a link to a signed version opera mini 7 to my email. Thanks for your good jobs.

    • There’s a link to the signed version of Opera Mini in the post. I don’t see any point in emailing the link when you can download or install it from this web page.

  3. I’v bn using 6.5 version on my sonny ericssom W890i i deletd hoping 2 gt an updatd version whch z nt posibl nw as its only 3.2 vers. whch i’m able 2 dwnload,z there nthing i cn do plz??

    • Try deleting any installed Opera Mini versions and then try to install a signed version. Also, there are three different signed version on Opera Mini 7 and 4.4, try all three. If all the signed versions fail your phone lacks the root certificates Opera is using and you can only use the unsigned version of Opera Mini

  4. Are you familiar with Net10 LG 900G? I am trying to get on the web when roaming. I understand I need something like mini opera to do it but I have downloaded it (version 7 and 4.4) but still doesn’t work. I get message “Check Data Restrictions -36”. This isn’t on point to this blog, but I’m hoping you can help!

    Thanks for your effort.


  5. I would wish down for me opera mini on my 3110c , it failed coz of certificate pbms yet I don’t know any and am in of it coz I saw it to ma friend’s nokia2630 wen it was w/c inspired to have it too.THANX am waiting!!.

    • If you already have Opera Mini installed, try removing it before trying to install the signed version.
      Also, try all three signed versions, if they all give a certificate error your phone doesn’t support the certificates Opera uses and you will need to use the unsigned version.

  6. Hi. I cant download opera mini on my nokia 5000d because of certificate problems. What can i do?

    • If you have Opera Mini installed, uninstall it and try installing the multiple certificate version. If none of the three signed options work you will have to use the unsigned one.

  7. I just bought the LG 900g and a 4g card. Now what i want to know is what is how do i get started on apps? Do i need a certain music app, and do i need opera mini? Sorry, i am just trying to fully understand on learning to get started on apps.

  8. i m using opera mini 6.1 in my samsung gt-b7722,i modified the jar file for my screan resolution 240*400,its working good but the browser is’nt download or saving ne file,than i downloaded the uc web 8.2 but the same problem occurs.Tell me wat to do ?

    • Try using the signed version by modifying the jad file as described in this post. If you modify the jar it’s not signed. Most phones don’t let unsigned 3rd party apps save anything.

  9. I have a Beetel Gd 440 Handset and I want a signed version for it I dont know how to get and using user agent I dunt Know what settings I would have to configure in User Agent . When I use ,y ph browser it says Opera 4.4 mini compatible now when I download through my ph it gives me an untrusted Ap when I use an Iphone agent and try to download through Pc it gives me a signed version but when i transfer the downloaded file into my mob and intsall it still gives me an unsigned version .Please Help its urgent and please avoid jargons because I am not that Tech savy . Waitin in anticipation for your reply and a feesible solution to my problem with your expertise on this particualr matter

    • Here’s exactly what you have to do to get a signed version of Opera Mini on your phone:

      Go to with your phone’s browser
      Scroll to the bottom of the page
      Click “Other download options”
      Scroll to the bottom of the page below where it says “Options for Opera Mini 4.4:”
      Click “Select Code-Signing Certificate”
      Click “All Certificates”
      Click “Download Opera Mini 4.4”

      It that doesn’t work your phone doesn’t support Opera’s signed versions.

  10. Thank you , i do have an uncertified version but i am searching for an certified version for my nokia 6300 please help me to get one

  11. Well here’s the source code of the Jad file so which link should i paste in the ULR:

    I did paste ” http://opera-mini-6.5.26955-advanced-en-in.jar/
    but not a good result , as i could not download it

    {MIDlet-Version: 6.5
    MIDlet-1: Opera Mini, /i.png, Browser
    MIDlet-Description: Opera Mini
    MIDlet-Icon: /i.png
    MIDlet-Jar-Size: 296919
    MIDlet-Jar-URL: opera-mini-6.5.26955-advanced-en-in.jar
    MIDlet-Name: Opera Mini
    MIDlet-Permissions-Opt:, javax.wireless.messaging.sms.send,,,
    MIDlet-Vendor: Opera Software ASA
    Content-Folder: Applications
    MicroEdition-Configuration: CLDC-1.0
    MicroEdition-Profile: MIDP-2.0
    Nokia-MIDlet-No-Exit: true
    Nokia-MIDlet-On-Screen-Keypad: no}

  12. actually i’m not getting a signed version opera mini for samsung c3010.. so plz can anyone let me know how can i download opera mini signed version in my samsung c3010

    • This post explains exactly how to download signed version of Opera Mini on any phone. It you follwed the instructions and its not working you need to describe the failure including any error messages for anyone to be able to help you.

  13. At first i downloaded an operamini 6.5 from the or, any other site but then i can’t access net from that browser……..all the other browsers including my nokia’s operamini 4.3 seem to work……but its very harrasing to know that i cant access net from a downloaded operamini…….plz help me…:-(

  14. I finally can save pages on my lg 900g. I tried some of the signed 6.1 & got success on the Thawte version. Thanks very much.

  15. Hi Zeta,

    Can you provide me a link of Opera mini 6.0 signed version as it best suits my Nokia 3110c. I’ll be very grateful to you.

  16. The Opera Mini 3.2 low memory signed version does not exist. If by any chance you find it, please reply to this post.

    • Opera never released any signed versions before Mini 4.0.
      Low memory really means it supports the Java MIDP 1.0 profile for compatibility with very old (at least 6 years ago) phones. MIDP 1.0 doesn’t support signed apps.
      If your phone was made in the last five years it should be able to run Opera Mini 4.3 signed or un-signed

  17. Can anyone tell me what is user cirtificates, in my cell no any user cirtificates are available and i have all athaurity cirtificates,

  18. Friends if u have any problem about 2700classic cells and s40 applications please ask me ! And u have any new trick or new intresting S40 application please told me

  19. N2700c Sets are have some Problem, Ok U download a Opera software It is In Ur Games folder Go To Games>and Opera Mini Browes icon Dont Open, then Press Option Key and do it >application access>communication>network access >ask first time > back > connectivity always allowed>back >back> data acces> multimidia recording> ask first time> if u do it then close this menu, and Open ur browser it will do u everytime when u swich off ur phone, you should remember these setting if u have 6.1 unsingd virsion , i hope ur problem will solve thanx

  20. When i want download opera browser any signed version in my cell nokia2700classic, i cant do it because a menu apears, cirtificates are not sim or phone, And No valid cirtificate, How can i download my cirtificates Or Signed browser Please anyone tell me, just mail me [email removed]

    • It sound like your operator crippled the phone by removing the certificates. It’s not possible to install certificates on recent S40 phones like the 2700c. You will have to use the unsigned versions.

      I get too many questions to reply to comments by email. If you want replies by email check the box on the comment form. And unless you love SPAM don’t put your email in the comment body where spammers can harvest it.

  21. Hello, friends if u want download opera browser in ur mobile go to this site, and there are many opera browsers for your mobile, N 2700C if u cant download opera from your default browser you can try as your wap pages eg, (dont open browser), > go to web address, >type, and the Opera latest virsion apears enjoy downloading, bye

  22. When I copy the link for the .jar file out of the .jad file it just sends me back to the unsigned version!

    • The signature is in the .jad file. To install the signed version copy both the .jad and .jar to the phone’s memory card and open the .jad using the phone’s file manager.

  23. sir,
    in my nokia 2700 the default browser is opera . I want to download the latest version 6 for copying text etc but the problem is when i download from my phone browser the opera 6 icon loads but doesnt connects with the only connects when opened with the default browser. i have tried all the signed and unsigned version. what to do?

  24. guys…
    everything you need is
    open from your default phone browser…
    then choose other download options…
    there is everything you need here and the signed version are in the bottom that was opera mini 6.1 and 4.3, 4.3 instinct
    thats it

  25. hi
    i want install opera mini 6 by my ‘ p1i ‘ browser with “all certification” but in end of installation “security information” say: component failed security check cannot install.

  26. There is no option ,,all certificates” for Opera 3.2 just for 4 and other.

  27. I want to download opera mini but my phone say no certificate. Pls help me.

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