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  1. As far as I can see there is no way to add a contact and what is the good of mobile hotmail if you can’t view attatchments. It looks like I will have to use yahoo even though I prefer windows live on the laptop.

  2. Please cancel my e-mail site, [email deleted]. I usually can’t get on the site to check my mail. It takes 30-45 minutes to get the mail site to come up. It’s just awful.

  3. lol hahahahah oh god, the countless idiots. hey dennis lol, can you switch mine back too lol hahah oh god. i know you work for microsoft :P

  4. @fez and caleb I got the same problem with my iTouch. I read on another webpage that there is a connection with upgrading to the latest software. Since I did this update it always redirects me to the mobile version. Please let me know in case you have a solution. Thanks! Mel

  5. I’m facing the same problem as caleb a few days ago I could access the full hotmail site on my itouch and now it redirects me to mobile msn… I tried doing what dennis mentioned it doesn’t seem to work… Please help!

  6. i use my ipod touch to check my hotmail. i want to switch back desktop version, but there is no such an option. how can i get my regular hotmail work on my ipod. can u help?

  7. Cannot find previous mail. I wish to switch back to my previous hotmail account. THIS SUCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!You are giving users reason to switch to GMail…

  8. Hi I am trying to send mobile text messages from my windows live mail msn account, but my contacts seem to have disappeared from the contacts list for people to whom I can send a text message to. Do you know how to fix this?

  9. Laura,

    There doesn’t seem to be any way to change it back. Microsoft seems to have killed the old “Classic” version.

    All you can do is complain. In your inbox in the PC version of Live Hotmail, click the down arrow next to the question mark icon in the upper right corner and choose “feedback” and let them know what you think. There doesn’t seem to be any way to leave feedback in the mobile version.

    If they get enough complaints they *might* do something.

  10. Please Help!!! My Hotmail changed itself to Windows Live hotmail!!!I hate it!! Please tell how to get the old one back!!!

  11. Its wrong to change the hotmail format so often – just when I was getting use to using the last format, you change it again. I can’t even get my mail – give us a choice, please!
    if it possible, I would like to go back to the old format of a few days ago. Otherwise, Please give us a break with the changes…

  12. People, many of you are incredibly stupid! The person who runs this website is HELPING users by himself. As “Hates Stupid People” said, many of you are not reading the fact this blogger does not work for Microsoft! STOP ASKING HIM TO CLOSE YOUR ACCOUNT, etc! If you ask him, you’ve just labelled yourself certifiably stupid. STOP ASKING HIM!! DuhhhhHHHhhhh!!!

    Dennis, I am trying to access Hotmail via my PDA (TYTN II by HTC – a lovely machine, btw!). All I get is: “The service you are trying to reach is temporarily unavailable. Please try again later…” and I’ve also gotten a pop-up about the certificate not being valid?? Hullo??! It’s Microsoft I’ve been trying to access! And with no “security settings” available on the Mobile version of IE, I cannot change any relevant security settings to work around that error.

    I’m stuck. Even Google isn’t my friend on this…HELP!

  13. Hilton Balter,

    Are you talking about Hotmail Mobile Alerts, where you get a text message on your phone every time you receive an email? To turn those off:

    1) Log into Hotmail
    2) Click “Options” in the top right corner. If a dropdown list appears, choose “More Options” which is the last item in the list.
    3) Scroll down and click on “Mobile alerts for new messages”
    4) If you see “If you received a confirmation code on your mobile phone but still see this page, finish the sign-up process.” Click on it, otherwise skip to step 5.
    5) Under “What types of Windows Live Hotmail messages do you want to receive mobile alerts for?”, Choose None and then click Save.


  14. Dennis,

    I am looking for some help.
    I made a subscription in MSN Phone Mobile, but my friends told me that they not got send me a MSN message anymore, because of the subscription on MSN Mobile I did.

  15. Dennis == you are very patient.
    The people sending you replies obviously do not read or do not think.
    Keep up the good work.

  16. Please tell me how to go back to the old version of Windows. I cannot read my e-mail and absolutely hate this new version. If I cannot revert I will cancel service and switch carriers this week!

  17. Can anyone tell me how to get email alerts sent to my phone on Windows live? I’ve gone into options about a million times , but theres nothing there for alerts. It would be really handy if I couldcget notification of my emails.

  18. I can log in to my mobile live mail inbox from my mobile phone, but when I click on anything on the page, it loops me back to the login page! So I can’t read, write or do anything.

  19. Dennis,
    the classic version is Windows Live. The full version is Windows Live Beta. The original which I think everyone here wants back is the one with the original blue background which I was used to, until a few days ago I as well also accidentally clicked the upgrade to windows live button instead if sign in. Does that help at all?

  20. Also, now when I get a message in my inbox, only one letter of the sender shows. Now I have no idea who sent me the emails I am about to open. I do not like this garbage forced on me. GRRR!!

  21. I know you don’t work for hotmail, but could someone tell me how to switch to regular old hotmail. Not hotmail live classic, just the one I have had for the past 5 years. I never asked for this garbage.

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