New Opera Mini 5 Release Fixes RTL, DST and Text Entry Bugs

Opera Mini 5.0.19693

Today the Opera Mini Blog announced a “silent” release of Opera Mini.  I’m not sure how anything announced on the corporate blog is silent, but no matter this appears to be a pretty significant release. It adds 32 new languages and fixes several notable bugs, specifically:

  • RSS feed links should now appear at the top of pages again.
  • RTL (Right To Left) languages (Arabic, Hebrew, Urdu, etc. ) should now display properly on phones with supported fonts.
  • Problems with daylight savings time have been fixed.
  • Some problems with keypad text input have been fixed.

I know that the RTL bug fix will be especially appreciated by the millions of Opera Mini users who were unable to use Opera Mini in their native languages.  The text input bug was also a show stopper for users of some handsets who could no longer type in text fields after enabling Opera Link. The addition of 32 more languages brings the total number of languages and dialects supported by Opera Mini to over a  hundred!

The update only affects the Java ME and BlackBerry versions of Opera Mini 5, the iPhone, Android and Windows Mobile native  clients are unchanged. It bumps the  build number of the English Java version from 18741 to 19693.

Get the latest Opera Mini release by visiting with your phone’s browser or with a PC.  Upgrading should retain your existing bookmarks and settings on most phones, but if it doesn’t there’s always Opera Link.

I’ve been very pleased with Opera Mini 5’s performance  lately and am using it as the main browser on my Nokia N95.  There was a period last month where the Opera Mini servers were misbehaving rather badly, frequently silently failing to post web form input or reloading the current page when trying to follow a link. But it looks like those problems have been largely eradicated by some recent server side updates.

17 thoughts on “New Opera Mini 5 Release Fixes RTL, DST and Text Entry Bugs

  1. Hi,i m using opera 5.but main prob with it that i cann’t copy text from any website.and paste it as my anybody knows how to get text information from website and save it.i m using nokia n-79 me frnds.

    • In the Opera Mini 5.0 or 5.1 Java version
      1 Disable inline editing from the Opera Settings menu
      2 Press the 1 key and copy some text using the context menu
      3 Press the soft key (labeled “Use”) and choose “Search With” from the menu
      4 hold down the center OK button until a menu and “Edit” the search field
      5 Copy the text into the system clipboard using the phone OS’s copy function. On the N79 you hold the “#” key, select the text using the Dpad and then press the right softkey (labeled “Copy”.
      6 Switch to the Notes position the cursor where you want to paste, press “#” and choose “Paste”.

      It’s easier with the native Symbian Beta version of Opera Mini 5.1
      1 Press the 1 key and copy some text using the context menu
      2 Press the soft key (labeled “Use”) and choose “Copy” from the menu
      3 Switch to the Notes position the cursor where you want to paste, press “#” and choose “Paste”.

  2. anybody know how to setting wap internet for mobile sony ericsson p800,help me. tq

  3. Have Mini 5 beta on a Samsung Ace i325. Text input problem is pervasive. This has a QWERTY keyboard, and it seems to default to the fn (alt) key definitions when trying to enter a URL or a Google search. After hitting the fn key and various other combinations that never seem to work the same way twice, eventually, for whatever reason, I am able to enter the text correctly. I have seen this on the Opera forum, but while there are many users with different smartphones experiencing the problem, there does not seem to be any solution.

    • I’m not familiar with that phone but with most QWERTY phones a long press on the Function key toggle between phone keypad and QWERTY modes.

      The Windows Mobile native beta of Opera Mini is known to have many issues. Until the next release, try using the Java version of Opera Mini 5 final instead.

  4. The opera mini recently updated itself on my Blackberry 8350i, and I lost the ability to text. I have not been able to send or recieve texts after the program updated. I did NOT update the program myself, when I opened the old opera mini to check something, then i removed my battery and turned the blackberry back on it updated automatically when I opened opera mini. Is there any way to fix this?? or will I just have to remove opera mini all together??
    Zack Cornett

    • Opera Mini doesn’t update automatically. What probably happened was that Opera Mini got corrupted, possibly due to removing the battery while it was running and it reinstalled itself (same version, not an upgrade) when you restarted. If Opera is no longer running properly after this incident you need to remove and install it

      As for the texting problem, it sounds like you also lost your service books when you did the battery pull. If you are using the BlackBerry on Boost Mobile, you need to redo the service book hack. If your are a Sprint/Nextel contract customer, call Sprint support and they will help you to resolve the issue.

      In the future, turn your phone off before removing the battery. Pulling the battery while the phone is powered on can cause all sorts of problems.

  5. I just got Opera Mini 5 for the Samsung Exclaim for Sprint. I love the new features that affect me (java, speed dial, syncing with pc, et cetera,) but my cheif complaint is that, to enter text, I have to do it by going to “options” and selecting “fullscreen entry.” In Mini 4, it did that automatically, which was tolerable. With the Sprint browser, text can be entered without leaving the view of the website. I’ve read about the issues with having to use roundabout ways to enter characters. Luckly, the full screen entry is phone native, so I get to circumvent those problems.

    • If you prefer to type in the full screen mode, you can change it in the settings to always launch full screen mode directly, by going to menu > settings > advanced > full screen edit > on.

  6. the opera mini 5 is great except for one MAJOR issue. The text input on phones without a numeric pad. You have to hold the fn key then scroll 10 times just to enter the number 1! Etc. For EVERY number! OR just to enter an puncuation mark you have to jump through hoops as well. Entering passwords is absolutely horrid. And usually gets the account locked for wrong attempts. There is NO settings anywhere to return the phone to normal text input. Even under settings/ advanced there is no option to turn on\off anything having to do with text. Using it in a sanyo incognito.

  7. Opera Mini 4 in landscape mode by pressing key 4 for scrool down.
    In Opera Mini 5 is not available the re orientation of the keys..

    • Sounds like a bug related to a specific phone. With Opera Mini 5 on my Nokia N95, the 4 key works fine as page down. Which phone are you using.

    • There is no Opera Mobile 5. I suspect you mean Opera Mobile 10. You need to use the 8 key to page down in landscape mode with Opera Mobile 10. It would be nice if Opera Mobile and Mini were consistent but they aren’t.

    • If you have a non touch screen phone press #5 and then select the very first option with a + sign in a green circle.

  8. Yup the text being lost while posting seems to have been fixed. I’ll test v5 again for some time, but I still have v4.2 as fall back.

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