9 thoughts on “How to Add Search Engines To Opera Mini 5

  1. thank you so much.this information searching for long time.When google in traffic i must go another seach engine manually from address bar.with this information just go the seach engine and go for it
  2. I'm using opera mini on my phone nokia c1-01. It is fast and very useful because I gather information about many things. Pls. give me advice for using opera mini. Thank u.
  3. tnx 4 this info.. Works perfectly on my n70.. Now im trying to experiment and explore more in faster browsing and learn more.. Tnx again..
  4. I can add search engines, but can't select them on Nokia X6 with Opera mini 5.1. When I tap the search field, it instanly sends me to text input form. Literarly, there's no time to tap the second time. Longpress does nothing either.

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