Why Android Matters

The first public showing of Android prototypes at last week’s MWC generated a lot of interest although the comments weren’t all positive. Android was faulted for looking like just every other mobile operating system and for lacking the elegant ground breaking user interface of an iPhone. One commenter was disappointed by the lack of any sign of an integrated advertising platform or any other ground breaking APIs. These criticisms are somewhat valid but I think they miss Android’s real significance. … Continue reading

How to Define Open Mobile?

There’s a lot of buzz about openness lately. Google is developing Android, an open mobile operating system. The three biggest US mobile operators have pledged to “open” their networks. So what does this really mean for users and developers? I can’t predict what the networks and device makers will actually do but I’ve been thinking a lot about openness means to me as a user and as a developer. This post is an attempt to define what I expect from … Continue reading

Android First Impressions

Google’s released a early access SDK for their Android Mobile Phone OS. I’ve only had a few minutes to play with it but I’m already impressed. Google’s removed a lot of the initial barriers developers face when starting out with a new platform There’s none of the “register as a developer, wait for us to send an unlock code for the free emulator” (yes Nokia, I mean you) or give us a pile of money (Microsoft) for an IDE that … Continue reading