MSN Spaces Mobile

The mobile version of MSN Spaces has really changed since I last looked at it five months ago. I’d say it’s almost a complete redesign. I’m sure you’ve heard of Spaces – Microsoft’s blogging/social networking platform. Spaces can be used as a pure blogging platform but its social aspect sets it apart from traditional blogging platforms like Typepad or Blogger. The social part comes from tight integration with MSN Messenger and Hotmail (a link to your latest blog post can … Continue reading

Feedalot alternate URL’s

When I reviewed (update) the mobile edition of the Feedalot RSS aggregator a while ago I noted that images in feeds were removed and replaced with the text “[image removed]”. Links in feeds got the same treatment, being replaced with “[link removed]”. Given the constraints of most phone browsers, I think it’s reasonable for Feedalot to remove images and external links, although I could do without the …removed messages which break up the flow of the item text. But what … Continue reading

Bloglines Mobile

I added Bloglines to the Directory and Portal. I know I panned the poor usability of the mobile site, a week ago, but I find myself using it daily nonetheless. Here’s why – synchronization. I want my mobile reader to only show me items I haven’t read already on the desktop and vice versa. Along with a million or two other folks, I use Bloglines on the desktop, it’s simply the best aggregator around. The main problem with Bloglines Mobile … Continue reading


Winksite is just an amazing resource for both mobile users and bloggers. There are so many useful services on the site. First of all, bloggers can create a free mobile edition of their blog almost instantly by entering the feed url as shown in the image below. The first small image shows what the mobile blog looks like on the phone. If you don’t have a blog, you can create a mobile blog hosted by Winksite. Then, using a simple … Continue reading

Mobile RSS Readers Update

Last week, I looked at several WAP based RSS Readers. I have a couple of significant updates. First, Feedalot has fixed the problem where html entities were parsed incorrectly causing garbage characters in feed items. As a result, I’m now using Feedalot rather than Winksite as my primary mobile feed reader. I still think that Winksite has a cleaner, more intuitive and generally faster user interface than Feedalot – but the fact that Feedalot shows me whether a feed has … Continue reading

All I want is a good WAP RSS reader.

I want to be able to be able to read RSS feeds on my phone. Feeds are perfect mobile content – mostly text, all meat, none of the stuff like sidebars, headers, frames, navigation bars and popups that make most websites unusable on a phone. There are a number of excellent web based RSS aggregators but I’ve been having a hard time finding a WAP based one that I want to use regularly. The usability just isn’t there for one … Continue reading