WAP Review Mobile

Announcing WAP Review Mobile! I’ve launched a new mobile version of this blog featuring almost everything on the full site in a format that I hope will work on even the most brain dead of WAP2 phones. It’s based on Alex King’s wp-mobile WordPress plugin which I’ve tweaked a little to suit my tastes. There is browser detection so if you hit wapreview.com/blog with a mobile device you should automatically get the mobile version. As a side benefit if you … Continue reading


In one of the posts featured in last week’s Carnival of the Mobilists, Justin Oberman at mopocket did a nice write up of an ambitious new mobile site from mPulse called WapTags that combines personal homepages, a mobile rss aggregator, social tagging, chat, SMS and classified adds. Justin did a fine job of explaining WapTags so I won’t repeat what he said. If you haven’t used WapTags, go read Justin’s piece and give it a try. I’ve added it to … Continue reading

Phone Fan Sites

I’ve added several mobile sites to the WapReview directory and YesWAP.com mobile portal. These are all “Phone Fan” sites which cover mobile technology from the point of view of a enthusiastic end user, phone hacker or developer. This is a very active and vibrant part of the mobile web. The portal currently has 73 sites listed under the “Mobile Phones” category and another 27 in the “PDA” group. Together the phone and PDA sites account for nearly of a quarter … Continue reading

YubNub Mobile

YubNub is a web app that has been generating a lot of buzz ever since Jon Aquino created it a year ago to win a Ruby on Rails programming contest. If you haven’t heard of YubNub (Ewok for “hooray’, BTW) it’s a “command line for the web”. Just like the MS-DOS > prompt or a *nix shell, you type commands into YubNub and wonderful things happen – or not – if you mess up. As the web takes on more … Continue reading


Deutsche Welle or ‘DW’ is Germany’s independent but publicly funded international broadcaster. Somewhat similar to the BBC International Service or the Voice of America, DW broadcasts shortwave radio news, sports and cultural content in 29 languages and satellite TV in four; English, German, Spanish and Arabic. Like the BBC, DW has a comprehensive Internet site, DW-WORLD.DE again in 29 languages. Of course I wouldn’t be witting about DW-WORLD unless they had an interesting mobile web site. The mobile site is … Continue reading

Mobile SeatGuru.com

SeatGuru.com now has a mobile site. Thanks to Kevin Tofel at James Kendrick’s jkOnTheRun.com for discovering this site and sharing it. SeatGuru, which has been on the full web for five years, tells travelers something they never know enough about until too late – airline seats. The site has tables comparing seat width and pitch and in-flight amenities for all the aircraft types in the fleets of 29 airlines. The best part of SeatGuru are the detailed seating charts which … Continue reading

Big Pond World Cup

Another day, another World Cup site. Actually, this is a very good one from Australia’s Big Pond, a major ISP down under which is owned by the Australian telecom giant, Telstra. Big Pond has an attractive mobile home page, http://wap.telstra.com/wap/ although much of the content is links to external sites like CNN, Yahoo, etc. For the World Cup, Big Pond has commissioned Sportall to produce an original mobile site. On the right device, it’s very attractive mobile web design and … Continue reading

World Cup

Inspired by Martin’s post about the official FIFA World Cup mobile web site, I went looking for other World Cup related mobile content. What follows is a list of what’s out there right now. To help you find these sites on your phone I’ve put up a World Cup page on the yeswap.com mobile portal with links to these sites and will add any more that I see or hear about. For those of you (mostly Americans) who have no … Continue reading