FriendsterToGo – Too Little, Too Late

Pioneer online social network Friendster announced a mobile web version last week. Friendster essentially invented the modern online social network as a web of interlinked friend profiles back in 2002. It was the biggest social network for a couple of years, seemed destined for greatness and even rejected a 30 million dollar buyout offer from Google. In the end though Friendster flamed out, done in by scalability problems, management bungling and lack of innovation. It’s an interesting story, Inc. Magazine … Continue reading


Wadja ( Is a mobile focused social network that has been around for about a year. It’s very mobile centric, there is a desktop version of Wadja but you never really need to go there, everything can be done from the mobile web site. Wadja has the usual social networking features of profiles, friends, content (music, video, pictures) sharing and chat. The thing that sets Wadja apart is the ability to send free SMS text messages to any number in … Continue reading

My Space Mobile is Live!

Check it out at It’s amazing how how the internet giants are rushing to the off-portal mobile web. It took AdMob to show that there’s real money in mobile advertising. Next Microsoft, Nokia, Google and DoubleClick jump into the business of delivering mobile ads. That seemed to trigger News Corp, which had limited MySpace’s mobile presence to exclusive carrier deals, to open it up to everyone. MySpace may be late to adopt the mobile religion but there’s very little … Continue reading

MOSH – MObile Content SHaring from Nokia

Nokia has launched a mobile content sharing network called MOSH. There’s a PC site at and the mobile version is at MOSH is an open network. Anyone can browse the site with a PC or phone and download videos, images, ringtones, games and applications. Registration, which can be done on either the PC or mobile site, is only required to upload. Registered users can organize content into collections, create a profile page and comment on each other’s content. … Continue reading

Multiply, a Content Sharing Network

Multiply ( is a social networking site which claims 6 million members. Multiply’s mobile edition comes in two forms, one for the iPhone and the other for all other mobile devices. The two share the same url with browser detection serving enhanced Ajaxized content  to iPhones. Multiply is a relatively closed network. Without a Multiply account you can’t do anything on the site. You can register right on the mobile site or on the Multiply desktop site at Registration … Continue reading