Yahoo Opens Mobile Widgets Beta to Developers

Image: Yahoo Yahoo has officially opened their mobile Widget platform to developers, including the ability to test and submit widgets. The announcement is on the Yahoo Mobile Developer Platform Blog. To get started, download the SDK  from the Yahoo! Mobile Developer Home. It contains a Developer’s Guide documenting the XML based Blueprint language with sample code, examples and tips. The SDK also has a sample PHP script which dynamically generates Blueprint code for a Twitter Widget. For peer to peer … Continue reading

Y! Mobile Widgets

The big news from CES today is that Yahoo has released a mobile widget API and is integrating widget support into Yahoo Go and the Yahoo Mobile Web Portal. You can visit for more information. The first widgets are from eBay, MySpace and MTV. Although the platform was “launched” at CES today you can’t actually use any Yahoo widgets on your phone, everything seems to be “coming soon”. Widget support is a part of the new Yahoo Go 3.0 … Continue reading

Yahoo oneSearch

The mobile web version of Yahoo’s oneSearch ( has launched. In addition to that address which takes you to a dedicated oneSearch page, there is a oneSearch box at the top of Yahoo’s US mobile home page at Yahoo makes some pretty impressive claims regarding oneSearch. According to Yahoo; “Finally, mobile search that really works! Introducing Yahoo! oneSearch, an amazingly better search experience that redefines search for the phone. It’s designed to give you instant answers – exactly what … Continue reading

Yahoo Mobile Updates

Yahoo has updated their mobile homepage ( ). Compare the new (top) and the old (bottom). I do think the new layout is more attractive. But where have the accesskeys gone!!! What’s an accesskey? It’s a shortcut key that can be added to various web page elements, like links. When you press the shortcut key, the link is followed even if it’s scrolled off the screen. On most phones, which don’t have a tocuchsceen or mouse, accesskeys greatly speed … Continue reading

61st Vuelta a España

Updated 8/26/2006: Velonews IS offering live reports from the Vuelta on both the full web at and the mobile web at The BBC is not doing live coverage. The cycling Tour of Spain starts tomorrow under the ominous cloud of the back to back doping revelations of Operación Puerto followed by l’affaire Landis. I don’t know who’s guilty and who isn’t but I do know that professional cycling’s reputation is in the dumps. Maybe I’m dreaming but I … Continue reading