Mobile 2.0 Developer Day – The Rise Of The Web

I attended the Mobile 2.0 Developer Day in Mountain View today. It was the sort of great event I’ve come to expect from the Mobile 2.0 team of Gregory Gorman, Mike Rowehl, Daniel Appelquist, Peter Vesterbacka and Rudy De Waele,  a fast paced day filled with lively presentations and panels. Mobile 2.0 is relatively unique  among mobile events in being a grass roots operation organized by people working in the mobile field or as Daniel Appelquist, put it “By industry … Continue reading

Opera Mobile 9.5 – New Betas for WinMo, UIQ and (almost) S60

Opera Software released three new Betas of Opera Mobile 9.5, today. The new releases are: Opera Mobile V9.5 Beta 2 for touchscreen Windows Mobile 5 and 6. Opera Mobile V9.5 Beta 1 for UIQ 3.n touchscreen devices. A V9.5 Widget Manager for S60 FP1 and later. The Windows Mobile and UIQ Beta’s can be downloaded here. The S60 Widget Manager is only available as part of the Widget SDK which can be found here. The key feature of these new … Continue reading

Mobile Browser Based Applications

Last week at both Mobile Web Megatrends and the CTIA Mobile Jam Session a major theme using the browser and mobile web technologies as a replacement for Java, BREW and native mobile applications. Many of the developers attending both events who have been doing Java and native applications expressed frustration with the economic and technical inefficiencies of the mobile application model.  They mentioned platform fragmentation that requires hundreds of versions of an app to support even a fraction of the market, … Continue reading

Motorola launches Widgets and Mobile Linux SDK

Not to be outdone by Access, Motorola held their own developer event, MotoDev Workshop, at LinuxWorld today. It was much better attended than the Access get together with a SRO crowd of about 100 people. It probably helped that Motorola made the event free at the last minute (vs the advertised $95), included lunch and had signs up all over Moscone Center promoting the Workshop. There were a couple of significant announcements. The long promised, oft delayed SDK for native … Continue reading