The Las Vegas Sun’s Mobile Edition

One of the nicer mobile efforts from a news daily, the full featured mobile edition of the Las Vegas Sun at has news, weather and sports, an Arts & Entertainment section, editorials, staffer blogs and a local event calendar. Mobile users can view but not submit comments on articles and blog posts. Large images and lack of pagination on news items with many comments make some pages too large to load on phones with the Motorola MIB browser which … Continue reading

SpellBoy – Online Mobile Spell Checker

SpellBoy (  is a mobile web based spell checker. Unlike the other online spell checkers I’ve seen this one doesn’t require JavaScript so it will work almost any browser. To use SpellBoy you enter or paste the text you want to spellcheck into the single text field on the SpellBoy front page and press the “Check Spelling” submit button. SpellBoy displays your test with misspelled words replaced with drop-downs containing suggested spellings for each word. You correct the mistakes by … Continue reading

Skyfire S60 Beta Available

At last! The Skyfire browser is available for S60 3rd Edition phones (Nokia N95, N82, E71, etc). I’ve been eagerly awaiting this since it was first announced, what a year ago? It’s a closed beta, so head on over to skyfire.comand sign up if you haven’t already. If you were accepted for the Windows Mobile Beta, as I was although I never installed as I don’t have a WinMo phone, it looks like you are automatically in the Symbian one … Continue reading