Trying Google Buzz on Android, Symbian – and the N900

Unless you’ve been living under a rock you probably heard that Google released Buzz yesterday.  Details are on the Google Blog. Buzz appears to be Google’s attempt at building an app that combines the best features of Facebook, Twitter and Foursquare into a single all singing, all dancing desktop AND mobile service. With Buzz you can publicly or privately post status updates, photos and videos, view your friends Buzzes and view nearby Buzzes on a map.  Buzzes can automatically include … Continue reading

Google Fast Flip Mobile for iPhone and Android

Launched today from Google labs, Fast Flip ( is being billed by Google as a faster way to read news. It’s basically a news search engine like Google News.  But instead of text summaries, Fast Flip returns results in the form of high-resolution screen shots of the first page of online news articles matching your query. You can read  at least part of the story using the image and click through to the source site to read it all. The … Continue reading – Download Y-Browser, Y-Tasks and More

Dr. Jukka Silvennoinen, aka DrJukka, is a prolific developer of free Symbian smartphone applications for S60 3rd and 5th edition phones. His best known apps are Y-Browser, a powerful file manager and Y-Tasks, a great collection of system utilities that includes a task manager, file association editor, crash monitor and a font viewer/manager. I’ve found both of these programs indispensable on my N95. Neither of them are available in the Ovi Store, unfortunately. You can download Y-Browser and Y-Tasks and … Continue reading

iPhone iGoogle Now Works in Skyfire, Opera Mini, S60 Webkit

When I covered Google’s resurrected IGoogle for the iPhone, I complained that Google’s overly aggressive browser detection and redirection  was blocking users of other advanced mobile browsers like S60 Webkit and Opera Mini from the site. Today, I noticed that Google seems to have made a subtle change to the way it handles unrecognized and unsupported browsers. It’s now possible to force the advanced mobile version to be delivered to any browser.  Visit to try it. You need to … Continue reading

Ozone Browser For S60 and UIQ 3

O3Mobi’s Ozone is an  interesting new web browser available for S60 3rd Edition Feature pack 1 and 2 phones.  There’s also a version forUIQ 3 touch screen devices.  Download Ozone from   Like the default S60 browser, Ozone is based on the open source WebKit engine. It has some great features including  support for advanced web technologies like Ajax  and HTML5.  It is an initial Alpha release with a few glitches but is quite usable and stable. Ozone is a … Continue reading

Copy Webpage Text With Opera Mini, S60 and Blackberry

The ability to copy text from a web page is one of the most requested features by users on the Opera Mini Forum. It’s such a basic and useful function that’s available in all desktop browsers, yet hardly any mobile browsers support it.  A clever coder who goes by the handle “Cousinisaac” has found a way make web text copying possible not only in Opera mini but with several other mobile browsers too. Cousinisaac created a simple web form at … Continue reading

Skyfire 0.9 – WVGA Support, Twitter and Facebook Integration

Skyfire released a new Beta of their free mobile browser for Windows Mobile and S60, Version 0.9. This is a big upgrade, the release notes are huge. Here are some of the highlights. Skyfire now supports almost all Windows Mobile screen resolutions; QVGA (320×240, 240×320), WQVGA (400×240), VGA (640×480), and WVGA (800×480).  On S60, support for the N80’s 352×416 resolution has been added.  No joy for E90 (800 x 352) users yet though. Twitter and Facebook integration: Your Twitter timeline … Continue reading

Updated: UCWEB 6.3 Official Signed English Version Released for S60

Updated 23-Nov-2009: with current download links. Regular Wap Review commenter and tipster, JBpseudo emailed me that UCWEB has released an official English version of the free UCWEB  6.3 full-web browser for S60 V3, V2 and V1 phones .  These are signed. sisx/.sis files and can be installed on unmodified, unhacked phones unlike the unofficial (and unsigned) English translation of 6.3 released a few months ago. The new release was  officially announced on the UCWEB forum today.  You can grab the files … Continue reading