BlackBerry Tips and Downloads

As a new user of an old BlackBerry 7100i, I’ve been making heavy use of the LazyWeb and its offspring, the LazyMobile Web to learn the secrets of this powerful but quirky device and to find games and apps to download.  Here are quick reviews of a couple of BlackBerry specific mobile sites I’ve found useful. I’ve added them to the WapReview Directory’s BlackBerry section. BlackBerryTrade (  is a relatively new BlackBerry news blog, user forum and download site. The … Continue reading

Free Mobile Flash Games at Playyoo

Flash Lite is Adobe’s version of Flash for mobile phones. It’s been around since 2005 but never really caught on except in Japan. It’s pretty much a commercial failure in the rest of the world and I blame that on Adobe’s greed. On the PC the Flash player is free and Adobe makes its money on development tools. With Flash Lite, the player has to be purchased, either by end users or device manufacturers. Charging for the player doomed Flash … Continue reading

Phoload – New App Store

Phoload is a new JAVA ME “App Store” along the lines of  In fact, it’s organized very similarly to GetJar. There’s a full web version ( with a categorized, searchable directory of games and applications that can be filtered to only include apps compatible with your device.  Applications and game listings include a screenshot, description and user reviews and ratings. All files can be downloaded to your PC for side loading. Or you can make note of a six … Continue reading