Oakland Local – Award Winning Grassroots Hyper-local News

With local newspapers seemingly unable to make the switch to an online world and dying off like flies, the concept of the “hyper-local” news site has taken off. The genre has a attracted the attention of big media with AOL pouring millions of dollars into building a network of thousands of Patch.com hyper-local sites and MSNBC acquiring everyblock.com, a smaller (16 sites) hyper-local network. Founded in 2010, Oakland Local (OL) is different. Published  by a community based, non-profit organization, it’s … Continue reading

Yahoo Goes Hyper-Local on Android and iOS

Like AOL with Patch, Yahoo is getting into the local news business.  The portal site has launched a Beta of the new Yahoo Local at beta.local.yahoo.com. The old local.yahoo.com was focused on local business search and events listings.  The Beta banishes search and focuses on news, events (including movie listings) and deals. Unlike Patch, which hires a full time local editor in each community, Yahoo seems to be relying on RSS feeds and individual user contributions for its local news. … Continue reading

Patch.com – Hyper-Local Mobile News from AOL

Patch is a “hyper-local” news site that delivers professionally written and edited news, photos and videos for nearly 500 small US cities, towns and neighborhoods Each locality has its own site on a sub-domain URL i.e., halfmoonbay.patch.com. The ad-supported sites are full-featured local news sources. updated frequently with the latest local news, sports, weather, photos, videos and event listings. There are also columns, classified ads, letters to the editor and a directory of local shops and services. Patch, a startup … Continue reading