The New Windows Live Mobile Portal

Sometimes it’s hard to understand Microsoft’s Web and Mobile Web branding. There’s MSN and there’s Windows Live and I never know which one to use.  I think back in 2005 when Live was launched it was supposed to eventually replace MSN.  It was a full portal; Live Search, Live Spaces, Live HotMail, Live Messenger and a Live homepage with News and Sports. But Live as a replacement for MSN never really took off and it seems to be have been … Continue reading

ZDNet’s 45 Mobile Blogs

ZDNet, the online tech news, reviews and software download site, also hosts a network of around 45 blogs including several well known and popular ones like Mary Jo Foley’s All about Microsoft and Adrian Kingsley-Hughes’s Hardware 2.0. There’s a list and links to all 45 on the Blogs tab of the ZdNet Homepage. I knew that at least one ZDNet Blog, Matthew Miller’s The Mobile Gadgeteer, had a mobile edition and it turns out that all of them do. There’s … Continue reading