Updated: Download Old Opera Mini Java, PalmOS and BlackBerry Versions Here


Opera Mini updates are usually a good thing. They include bug fixes and often, new features. But for a few users, usually with old or obscure phones, the new version doesn’t work as well as the old one or work at all. On the Opera Mini User forum there is a recurrent theme of users, trying a released version and insisting that one of older ones, was better. There’s a sticky post on the forum with links to some old versions but it’s far from … Continue reading

UCWEB and Opera Mini Old Versions

While it’s generally best to run the latest versions of applications sometimes you can’t because they just don’t work.  This can happen if you are using an old or low memory device that doesn’t have enough resources or the right Java JSR to run the current versions.  A while back I posted links to old versions of Gmail.  To find those I had to do a  lot of digging through old forum posts and trying different google.com URLs to find … Continue reading