Latest UC Browser 9.5 (Signed Java Version) Modified to Remove the Virtual Keypad On Samsung, LG and Other Touchscreen Phones


I did a post a while ago explaining how to modify Opera Mini’s jad file to hide the unneeded touch keypad that displays at the bottom of the screen on some touchscreen phones. The post included a link to the modified Opera Mini. I received a request asking for a copy of the latest signed Java version of UC Browser modified to hide the keypad. The process for modifying the UC Browser or any other Java app is exactly the same as what was described in the original … Continue reading

Does UC Browser Mini For Android “Fake” Proxy Mode For Some Sites?

   When I reviewed UC Browser Mini 8.6 for Android last month I was pleasantly surprised that it was able to load almost every site I tried. Even more impressive was how well the browser rendered popular sites including Twitter and Google Plus.  Mini 8.6 seemed to be much improved compared with previous UC Browser Mini versions that had rather inaccurate rendering and a tendency to throw errors when asked to open a number of pages. UC Browser Mini is proxy … Continue reading

UC Browser Mini 8.6 For Android Reviewed

  Earlier this month, UCWeb Inc. released UC Browser Mini 8.6 for Android. It’s one of just two proxy browsers for Android, the other being Opera Mini. Proxy browsers parse, render and compress web pages before sending the compressed page to a thin client on the phone. The client decompresses and displays the page. The main advantage of proxy browsers is greatly reduced data consumption. A good proxy browser can reduce the amount of data transmitted while browsing by up to 90%.  … Continue reading

Opera Mini and UC Browser For Symbian Updated

Symbian lives! Opera Software and UC Browser have both released new browser versions for the Symbian platform. That makes sense as Symbian’s installed base is still around 190 million,  making it the third largest smartphone platform after iOS and Android in terms of current active users. Today Opera released Opera Mini 7.1 for Symbian S60V2 and latter. According to a post the company’s Opera For Phones Blog this release is focused on improvements to Opera Mini’s download manager along with performance and stability enhancements. Opera lists the … Continue reading

Data Saving New UC Mini 8.0 Proxy Browser for Android Now Available

UCWeb has released a new 8.0 version of its proxy based UC Browser Mini for Android. The new version is only available from the UC website and is not in the Android Play Store yet. The non-proxy version of the UC Browser 8.4.1 is in the Play Store, but it’s just a user interface wrapper around Android’s Webview class. There are lots of Webview based browsers for Android. They are differentiated by their user interfaces but render pages identically to the Android browser. … Continue reading

UC Browser 8.5 for Symbian Reviewed

UC Browser 8.5 for Symbian  was released a few weeks ago.  UC is a proxy based browser similar to Opera Mini. Proxy browsers pre-render and compress pages in the cloud before they are downloaded to the mobile client, which makes them particularly suited to basic phones, slow networks and anywhere that mobile data is expensive. Although relatively unknown in the US and Western Europe, the UC Browser claims 300 million users worldwide. The majority of UC users are in China, … Continue reading

UC Browser 8.4 for Java Released With Bug Fixes, New Features

UC Mobile LTD quietly released a new version of the UC Browser for Java ME a couple of days ago. It’s version 8.4. By convention even numbered point releases of UC such as 8.4 are “stable” releases that contain few or no new features while odd numbered versions like 8.3 are “new feature” releases. So 8.4 is basically 8.3 minus the bugs. 8.4 incorporates the following features that were added in 8.3: UDisk – Download content from the web to … Continue reading

UC Browser 8.4 For Symbian Gets UDisk Cloud Storage and a New Look

The latest UC Browser version 8.4 for Symbian S60 3rd. Edition  and S60 5th Edition is now available for download at (mobile) and (PC) The 5th Edition version also works on Symbian Anna and Belle. New features in this release incude: 1. UDisk – Cloud storage, integrated with the browser. Each file has an expiration date, from 7 days to infinity. Storaghe limits are relatively low; 70MB for long-time storage and 2GB for files stored up to 7 days storage. UC … Continue reading