CTIA is Wild This Year and it Hasn’t Even Started Yet.

I’m at the big CTIA Wireless trade show in Orlando this week as the guest of WOMWorld/Nokia.  The event doesn’t start until tomorrow but, thanks to a couple of huge pre-show announcements, it’s already shaping up as an especially interesting show this year. Yesterday, AT&T announced that it is acquiring  T-Mobile USA.  The match-up, if it passes regulatory review, would make AT&T the largest US operator. As a long time satisfied T-Mobile customer who also briefly used AT&T a few years … Continue reading

Ovi Maps, Nokia’s Killer App – Made In Berlin

On my recent trip to Berlin for Tech.Ed I was really impressed with the performance, stability and ease of use of the latest 3.06 Beta of Ovi Maps.  I’d used it a little before the trip and knew it was pretty good and that it could work offline. I though that might come in handy in Germany where I my T-Mobile pay-as-you-go SIM wouldn’t roam.  So before I left San Francisco I loaded the Berlin/Brandenberg map set to my N8 … Continue reading

Using Fonic For Prepaid Data In Germany

Earlier this week WOMWorld Nokia sent me to Berlin for Microsoft Tech.Ed Europe. Naturally I needed to have data service on my N8 for the trip.  My T-Mobile US prepaid SIM doesn’t allow voice or data roaming anywhere outside of North America and even if it did I can’t afford the obscene rates that US operators charge for roaming.  So I did what I always do when traveling internationally which is to try and buy a local prepaid SIM as … Continue reading

Nokia Targets the BlackBerry Market With MS Exchange, Communicator and Sharepoint Integration

I just got back from Berlin where I attended Microsoft Tech.Ed Europe along with Mike Maddaloni (thehotiron.com) and Craig Richards  (geekcomputers.co.uk) as the guests of WOMWorld/Nokia. Tech.Ed is a series of annual conferences that Microsoft holds  around the world. It’s primarily a technical training  event but there are also high level keynote sessions covering Microsoft and partner’s products, services and strategies and a large Expo floor where many companies  have booths promoting their development tools and enterprise products and services. … Continue reading