Orkut Forcing Opera Mini to Mobile Version

Orkut LogoIt looks like Google’s Orkut has pulled a Friendster and is forcing Opera Mini users to the mobile version of the site. There’s nothing wrong with using browser detection to redirect mobile browsers to a mobile friendly site BUT there needs to be a way to get to the full version if desired. Many of today’s mobile browsers including Opera Mini and Mobile, some versions of Netfront and S60 Webkit are capable of loading almost any site on the web. Many users of these browsers prefer the full versions especially when the mobile edition offers only a subset of the site’s features as Orkut’s does.

On the Opera Mini forum there’s been a lot of talk about this issue and a search for a workaround. Opera Mini power user jbpseudo has discovered a way to force Orkut to send the full version to any browser. Enter the following (all on one line):


Or if you are viewing this in a Opera Mini, click this Link.

It seems to work whether you are already logged into your Google account or not. If you’re not logged in it prompts you for user id and password, of course.

That’s a pretty ugly URL to have to type in. An alternative is to point Opera Mini at WapReview.mobi and click on the link in this post or to use this tiny url: http://tinyurl.com/6et9nr

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  1. hello sir, i am using nokia c5 ,it is s60 v3.2 ..the problem is that the new s60 phones can’t install unsigned apps. is there any solution or trick for installing unsigned apps. ?

  2. dear sir,
    i had nokia 3110c a year ago and i used bolt browser on that. after a few minutes my phone started hanging multiple times,when i checked the phone memory ,i found there a folder which was not deletable nor movable and was copying itself.i think it was a worm. after that i updated its software many times but when i browse the internet via bolt or in built browser my phone gets dead. and even nokia has no solution for this problem. sir can u tell me exactly what type of problem is this?

  3. i want to enter orkut from my cell or in my pc bt in uae orkut is blocked so i cnt enter,plzzzzz help me to enter orkut plzzz waiting for urz help to enter my orkut account

  4. sir, i stream videos from youtube on my mobile, but every time my carrier blocks streaming and then my handset shows ‘network unavailable’ message. sir is there any solution for this type of problem

  5. hello sir. . i just wanted to know that can java files can be compressed to smaler size or not?? if yes then how?

  6. for past two months i am unable to view full site.my mobile is Q55 micromax.working on opera mini 4.2.Please solve my problem as soon as possible

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